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Ted Baker Tote-al Takeover

November 21, 2013

In a world where conformity is encouraged and sometimes celebrated, Ted Baker stands to be the antichrist of “normal”. The brands voice, design prowess, and craftsmanship all lean towards that individualist sensibility. As the man himself Ted Baker once said ” You don’t have to be in a gallery to make an exhibition of yourself.”

With that brand identity firmly in place we bring you the latest and greatest in the way of men’s accessories for the holiday season! From totes, to briefcases, enhance your style with one of these pieces.


AVAILABLE AT: The Menswear Store, Distillery, Online

Ted Baker has evolved quite significantly from its modest roots as a shirts specialist. Today, this global lifestyle brand offers everything from suits, shirts, shoes, accessories, down to your underwear. Among their vast offering are their great genuine leather goods. No matter if you’re a globe trotter, Art Director, scenester or just someone in search of a great leather accessory, they’ve got you covered.

Check out some of our lastest Spring leather goods from Ted Baker

Ted Baker Leather Crossgrain Despatch Bag: $185

Ted Baker Folsom Leather Digital Book Case (Black & Tan): $125

Ted Baker Smooth Leather Tablet (Black): $155
Ted Baker Verdean Cross Grain Tablet Case (Orange & Blue): $75

Ted Baker Pedraza Leather Holdall Bang: $475
Ted Baker Bigley Leather Flight Bag: $225

Ted Baker Rollaa Smooth Leather Travel Wallet (Black & Tan): $145