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Style Tips

One of summer’s most lasting trends can also be impossibly difficult to pull off. The all-white look is tricky (almost as ambitious as the double-breasted blazer), yet done well is a sartorial statement like no other, reading as confident and sleek. Done wrong, and the shame shall haunt you for life- even after years of impeccable attire.

When aspiring to wear the milky hue, follow our simple rules and count the following editorial as a guide. White is a cool, summery shade and should always look effortless. Fit is crucial so slim and well-cut pieces are essential- too roomy equals disheveled (and not in the good way). Don’t over think it, keep it minimal, and refuse to shy away from adding punches of contrast for personality. Lastly, we cannot overestimate the importance of (fabric friendly) bleach. White should always be white.

Photography by: Ishmil Waterman
Stylist: Mallory Hood & Sharad Mohan
Model: Aaron (Sutherland)