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Men Of Gotstyle: Evan Hadfield

January 15, 2014

Men Of Gotstyle is a new fashion/style series which looks to showcase some of our amazing clients. Some of them you may know, other’s you’ll want to get to know if not for their unique life stories then at least for their impeccable fashions. To kick off this series we sat down with the man behind the legend Mr. Evan Hadfield (son of famed astronaut Chris Hadfield) to talk about everything from his new digital media agency to his style resolutions.


For our readers, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

What people would know me for is what I’ve done with my father, Chris Hadfield (famed Astronaut). If he were a company, I’d be the head of his marketing division. I made all his famous youtube videos…I get him in papers, on Tv, in contact with celebrities, shows, I do everything I can to make sure people don’t forget who he is and what he stands for. Stemming from that I also have my own digital media agency.

Since your fathers public success, how has that transformed or changed your life?

It hasn’t really changed much. What’s funny is when people ask “how was it growing with an astronaut father?” I don’t know it just was. That’s my baseline… it’s weird to other people because their baseline was not having an astronaut father, but all of my friends did or at least they all worked at NASA…it wasn’t a weird community where I was the odd one out. It was just life.

What’s interesting is that I was raised as a son of a “non famous” astronaut, he wasn’t famous when I was growing up, he was just an astronaut. But everyone treated him like some day he would be famous…it’s like a reverence for the position… So he’s not famous, but his position was famous, so I sorta grew up knowing the trappings of fame which in a way prepped for life today. As for emotionally, I haven’t had the feelings I thought I would have like the concerns or the excitement or any of that…to me it’s just base level stuff that happens at this point.


What role does your personal style an appearance play in your life now that you’ve developed your own individual notoriety separate from your fathers?

My attitude has absolutely changed, I knew I had bad style, there was no question about it but at that time no one was looking at me…the moment people started looking at me I realized there’re seeing the reality and my version of reality that I want to portray is competence. Like in the business world, you could package the perfect little business pitch but if you don’t have the key interest or the fundaments that require you to get people to pay attention to you’ve failed. I turned that mentality in my head towards fashion. Essentially you don’t want to have a great suit with a bad pair of shoes, because no matter how much effort and money you put in to your suit a pair of bad shoes is all that people will remember.

Style and fashion are fundamental, the image you project is the image people will take from you. We all talk about first impressions, but it’s even more than that, it’s that first glance. We live in a world where people want to know who you are…”I want to sum you up as fast as possible so please give me a system with which to do so”…So if people are going to be summing you up regardless so you might as well use that to your advantage to project what you want them to perceive. At this moment I want to send the message that I’m a composed man that has his life together and to me these are the clothes that help me achieve that, it’s just that simple.

What is the one fundamental change you’ve made in the way you dress?

As you can tell i’ve genuinely changed a lot of things about the way I dress. Up until a few months ago I was a child (in clothing terms), my clothes were chosen entirely on how comfortable and easy is it to purchase this clothing, does it fit, not really…fuck it I don’t care I’m just going to buy it anyways. At the time I wanted to look like the kind of guy that doesn’t really care and I moved every 6 months so I wasn’t going to take my clothes with me anyways so it became my lifestyle. It was simple, it’s easy, most people were doing it and it showed me as an average guy and thats just what I wanted. Now I recognize, and lets face the facts, everyone treats someone who’s well dressed better so why wouldn’t you want that. Especially once you reach age 30 you think to yourself that you gotta do something, I’m not a kid anymore, I gotta look better, act better, join society and as a man who has no fashion sense and has never had any desire to be fashionable even I recognizes that dressing well is necessary. It’s silly not to use it to your advantage.