Behind the Scenes Editorial We ventured out to the Toronto Island for a photoshoot with photographer Joel Esposito. Our model Fraser Ruth was dressed head to toe in the latest fall fashions from Gotstyle to match Joel’s vision for the editorial appropriately named “Edge of Tomorrow”. Below are some behind the scene pictures. Shooting outside of a studio… [Read More]


Call us biased but when you have Lennox Lewis lead a pack of 23 awesome celebrities down your runway during Toronto Men’s Fashion Week there’s no contest that your show just shut it down. That was the scene last week when we teamed up with TOM* to sponsor and style their annual celebrity Men’s Fashion4Hope… [Read More]

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Gotstyle recently teamed up with Robert Cribb and The Toronto Star to host Mankind’s inaugural man-makeover contest. The contest required people to write to us expressing why they or in many cases their spouses needed a dramatic head-to-toe makeover. After pouring through 100’s of letters both Founder Melissa Austria and Robert Cribb found their lucky… [Read More]