Editorial Feature: The Fashionisto

November 3, 2015

Behind the Scenes Editorial

We ventured out to the Toronto Island for a photoshoot with photographer Joel Esposito. Our model Fraser Ruth was dressed head to toe in the latest fall fashions from Gotstyle to match Joel’s vision for the editorial appropriately named “Edge of Tomorrow”.

Below are some behind the scene pictures. Shooting outside of a studio can be a lot of fun and provides a setting for a great story. However there are elements that we can’t control like the weather! We were caught in some drizzle a couple times but we champed though it. The end result was worth it, check out the full editorial at the bottom of the page as featured on The Fashionisto.

editorial-behind-the-scene1 editorial-behind-the-scene2 editorial-behind-the-scene3 editorial-behind-the-scene4 editorial-behind-the-scene5

editorial-behind-the-scene6 editorial-behind-the-scene7