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In celebration of wedding season, party season, just plain looking good season we bring you our latest sale. This week only June 3rd – 7th get 30% off ALL tuxedo jackets. Tuxedo jackets are a staple in every discerning mans wardrobe and if you don’t have good one it’s time you invested. Just like patent leather shoes, you may not wear them often but when the occasion arrises (like our 10 year anniversary party #justsaying) there is no substitute.

Drop by either our Bathrust or Distillery locations to check our great selection to find one that matches your personal style.



Renting a tuxedo is like taking your date to McDonalds, you just don’t do it. And do you really want your boys in the same pants that another guy has had his boys in? Didn’t think so. Tuxedos are the pinnacle of sartorial expression and as such deserve your respect. Whether you’re wearing one to a black-tie gala or your own wedding, investing in one isn’t just the right thing to do it’s the only thing to do.

Here are some great off-the rack options to consider when purchasing your next or first tuxedo. If off the rack isn’t right for you, there is always our incredible made-to-measure program. Either way, choice is plenty and prices varied.


Lab Fleck Tuxedo with Satin Lapel: $1295


Van Gils Baran Solid Peak Lapel Tuxedo: $895


Lab Stretch Fabric Shawl ColLAR TUXEDO: $1200


Hilton One-Button Peak Lapel Patterned Tuxedo: $995


Tiger Of Sweden Tuxedo: $949



A Year In Review: Best Of 2014

December 31, 2014

And there you have it, in a blink of an eye we’re here, the last day of 2014. As we reflect back on days gone by we can’t help but recognize that none of our success would’ve been possible without your continued support. As such, first and foremost we’d like to thank all our loyal friends and customers for making this year even better than the last.

From the official launch of our new Gotstyle App, to #LupulStyle 2.0, not to forget our epic parties, it’s hard to image that we were able to squeeze so much into yet another year. We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey thus far and invite you to join us for another exciting year.

Did we mention, 2015 marks our official 10 Year Anniversary?! So you know that things are only going to get bigger, better, grander.



Recognizing that men are often seen as a mere accessory to the bride, Wedding Star, a leading online publication specializing in wedding planning decided it was high time they turned their attention on the groom, aka the man of the hour. To ensure that grooms far and wide look nothing but stylish and sharp while in the spotlight with their brides, they reached out to our wedding stylist Mallory Hood to get the scoop on looking your best on the big day. Having dressed a few…hundred grooms over the years we’d say our experience suited us well in coming up with these 9-Tips every man should know when picking his wedding suit. Click here to the the full story.



Looking good always works in your favour- especially when the outcome is having your wedding featured in a magazine. Meet Scott and Heather, the latest GS couple to tie the knot. Their nuptials were so stunning that Wedding Essentials magazine picked it up and detailed it for their Fall ’14 issue.

Scott came to us looking for a suit that would fluidly match his personal style- summer/ cottage (even in the rain) chic. After an enlightening consultation with our made-to-measure expert Konstantine, the sartorial wheels were set in motion. The end result- a custom, made-to-measure, three-piece in Dove grey that fit like a proverbial glove. With every last trimming in place, the suit and Scott were a perfect pair- attire wise. Don’t take our word for it, view the full editorial here (page 22).


Style Tips

When deciding on a look for the most significant day of your life, Mallory our Wedding Coordinator is the perfect go-to girl. In this episode, she breaks down some key style tips every would-be groom should know before walking down the aisle, starting with the cardinal rule of never renting your wedding suit/tuxedo. Press play to learn about finding the right fit, fabric and accessories for that special day.


To book an appointment with Mallory, please email mallory@gotstyle.ca or call 416-260-9696 ext 2.

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