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We are a four-season country, but most of us only dress for two-seasons – summer and winter. We often forget that nestled in between these two extremes lies several months of gorgeous, but highly unpredictable weather where running around in a giant parka or in shorts and a t-shirt is less than ideal. This is why having “transitional” apparel is so important. These key pieces of outerwear offer the perfect marriage between fashion, functionality and practicality. Whether you’re a 20 year old dancing in the rain or a 50 year old going on your afternoon walk, these pieces are a sure home run.




Top coats and Trench coats are a great transitional item and make for great investments. Their construction, durability and functionality make them one of the most versatile pieces in any mans closet. Though originally designed for the British & French forces in WWI, newer innovations and designed over the past decade have made the these coats an enduring go-to garment among “civilians” during any transitional season. Their slimmer, modern cuts give them that beloved sartorial touch, while the options in textiles allow the wearer to easily dress it up or down to match their personal style.


Fashion is quite often a balancing act between what you need and what you want. Fortunately, with Melissa’s list of summer essentials that decision will be quite easy because what you’ll need is quite likely what you’ll want this summer.

  • The Trench: Not simply for spies, superheroes or singing in the rain, the trench has become a wardrobe staple for dashing men everywhere. Shop Now 
  • Colourful Cotton Chino: Stop sweating in your jeans!  Lightweight, cotton, coloured chinos will keep you cool all summer long. Shop Now
  • Printed Shirt: Are you puzzled in the morning over which blue check shirt you should wear?  Try a print. Shop Now
  • Leather Briefcase: Retire the canvas nap sack boys. It’s time to carry your gadgets and paperwork like a gentlemen, in a genuine leather briefcase. Shop Now
  • Two Toned Dress Shoe: Swap your black shoes for blue, this season’s ultimate neutral. Shop Now
  • Double Breasted Blazer: Take your sportcoat game to the next level with a double breasted blazer.  Gatsby did it, Draper did it, Harvey did it and so can you. Shop Now

What’s New: Spring Trench

February 20, 2013

Spring is not complete without a handy trench in hand. Originally designed for the British soldiers in WWI, the trench coat might have changed job descriptions but its never changed its function or aesthetic.

The trenchcoat is by far one of the most universally recognizable fashion garment on the last century and the fact that it has gone almost unchanged for that time truly speaks to its celebrity. Speaking of celebrity, the trench coat has been worn by superheroes, hollywoods elite and even animated superstars like Bugs Bunny (who typically never wears any clothes). Suffice it to say, this timeless classic is great addition to any mans wardrobe.

Traditionally the trench is a double-breasted jacket with 10 front buttons, wide lapels, a storm flap, shoulder straps and pockets that button-close. Having said that, in the last several decades many designers have put their own spin on this silhouette, offering up some great variations. These latest arrivals for Spring showcase some of these variations.   

Circle of Gentlemen – Siegel Trench Coat: $850

Haight & Ashbury Liverpool Trench Coat (Black): $350

Haight & Ashbury Liverpool Trench Coat (Camel): $350

Tiger of Sweden Zane Trench Coat: $549

Get ready men, because we are turning the spotlight on you this Valentines Day. Most often you see gift guides for women but rarely see guides talking about what guys might want. So, we did the only logical thing to do in this situation. We’ve put together a great list of cool, fashionable items dedicated to you, the man. We’ve got something for every budget, so make sure to share this link with your loved ones to ensure you don’t end up with another tacky shirt or gaudy sweater this Valentines Day.

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