Trend Watch: Red Pants

March 29, 2012

Menswear is getting more colourful, and there’s no better way to do it than with red pants as seen in GQ. Whether you’re going out at night or having a casual Saturday, red pants are as easy to wear as your go-to jeans.

We’ve left the era of wearing blue jeans every night after work and every weekend. All men have the basics that work with red pants: neutral jackets, sweaters, and tops, loafers, belts, and white t-shirts, because they’re what you wear with your favourite jeans. So why not pop your wardrobe with some colour and look even sharper?


Look one: Adidas SLVR leather jacket $675, Psycho Bunny striped sweater $170, Benson red pants $125, SWIMS navy loafers $160. 

Look two: GSUS cardigan $110, Benson v-neck $45, Benson red pants $125, Beryll dogtag necklace $110, SWIMS navy loafers $160.

Look three: John Varvatos shirt $185, Dibi knit tie $35, Benson red pants $125, SWIMS navy loafers $160.

While the weather is still cool, throw a basic leather jacket overtop of a sweater and you’re ready to go (just like you would with jeans). Navy always looks great with red, and it’s easy to break up the colours with a solid belt.

This summer the rolled cuffs, slim pants, shirt and tie look is hot. When you’re going out for dinner or drinks with friends, this is a perfect go-to outfit.