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How to Wear White Jeans

March 16, 2017

White Jeans are your next style power move. 

Now you’re thinking cmon guys white jeans? Am I a guest at P.Diddy’s White Party? Am I this guy?
In all seriousness and fashion is very serious– try on a pair and your whole wardrobe will open up Why? They’re basically a blank canvas. Add in a blazer, denim jacket, leather bomber or distressed t-shirt and your lock stock and barrel- little effort required. 
You can wear them right now (It’s March), but when summer hits you’re going to worship these babies. White denim, opposite their darker cousin, absorbs much less light- keeping you cool while looking cool.
Wear them anywhere you’d wear your other jeans. Styled properly, white jeans work for business-casual offices, the Boss’s BBQ, Garden Weddings, and Summer Patio Parties. 
When picking out your shoes a good rule of thumb is to match the vibe of your outfit.
Casual looks: sneakers, high tops, low tops, desert boots Social looks: dress shoes, smoking slippers, loafers boat shoes
Just in case you still don’t believe us here are a few of our fashion idols to convince you. 

Justin Theroux

Easily snatch this look for a low-key weekend.



See how unfussy white jeans look when you wear them with more denim?


Kanye West

ALL WHITE… wear with care.


Finding The Right Pair

We turn to John Varvatos for the perfect pair of white jeans. These we love because

  1. Not too tight, still slim.
  2. Not overly distressed, instead they feature a subtle “dirty” look
  3. Made of high-quality cotton and a bit of spandex- so ya know… comfort.

John Varvatos White Jean


John Varvatos White Jean

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