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Updated Father’s Day Gift Guide – Upgrade His Favourites

Father’s day. We know it can be a daunting task to go out and hunt for that perfect present. Some fathers are easier to impress than others, so here’s a foolproof way to ensure you get the right gift. You already know what he has, so get him an update. Everyone likes the new and improved version of their favourite. It’s also a guarantee that he’ll actually use it. We’ve put together a father’s day gift guide of updated basics we know he’ll love.

1. Boxers

updated father's day gift guide: saxx

Comfort in the nether regions can always be a struggle. Saxx is the solution. It isn’t just some regular old undergarment, it’s created for ultimate comfort and allows you to move freely without restrictions. So many customers trusted us with the benefit of the doubt and purchased a pair, only to come back grabbing more. We trust your father will feel the same. They are a perfect addition to any gift.

2. Belt

updated father's day gift guide: anderson's belt

What’s something that your father probably wears every day? A belt. Sure, he wears other things every day but then you have to worry about it fitting him. Belts are pretty safe and if you go for a high-quality belt in a basic colour, he’ll wear it. Anderson’s belts are made in Italy and because of its European sizing, make sure you go up two full sizes. (So if he’s 34, get a 38). If you go for the stretch woven styles, it doesn’t need holes so sizing is easier.

3. Sweatpants/Joggers

updated father's day gift guide: sweatpants

Chances are after a long hard day at work, your dad is gonna throw on a pair of sweats and lounge. Even during his off time, he deserves the best so get him a pair of updated sweatpants. These luxe joggers are made of the softest materials that will last more than 2-3 washes.

4. Swimwear

updated father's day gift guide: swimwear

It’s summertime and your father is bound to pull out his swimwear for the beach, a vacation or a swim. We all know that sometimes our parents can be a little bit old-fashioned so it’s a bit of our responsibility to show them the ropes once in awhile. Long, oversized board shorts are out and shorter swim shorts are in. It makes you look taller and less frumpy.

5. Watch

updated father's day gift guide: watch

A good watch is a must-have for any man. It’s gone past being a quick and practical way to check the time, to being an accessory and even collectibles for some. If a watch makes a good gift for your father, we suggest Nixon. It’s got Miyota Japanese movement, stainless steel casing and each style comes in a variety of colours and constructions. It’s full of style and won’t break your bank.

Bonus Section:

For those who want to go that extra mile for dad. We’ve come up with a small list of how to take your gifts to the next level.

1. Hamilton Watches

Hamilton watches combine the American spirit with the unrivaled precision of the latest Swiss movements and technologies. Known for its innovative design, Hamilton has a strong foothold in Hollywood, with products appearing in over 300 films. Hamilton is a member of the Swatch group, the largest watch manufacturer and distributor in the world with 160 production sites in Switzerland. More styles are available in-store.

2. Closet Cleanup

Is his closet overflowing with shirts and pants from 5 or even 10 years ago? Our experienced menswear stylist can come and help you clean out your closet. The service is $99 which comes with a $75 gift card that can be used anytime. Help him refresh his closet and let go of old trends and styles.  

3. Made to Measure

updated father's day gift guide: made to measure

There are many reasons why someone should invest in a made to measure suit. Konstantine Maleshevski is Gotstyle’s very own tailor extraordinaire and you can make an appointment with him if this is something that interests you.

There are a variety of fabrics, makes, constructions, and personalizations to choose from. Shirts start at $225, suits start at $895, and tuxedos at $1195, prices are based on fabric selection, yardage, and any extra details.