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Summer is here, but is your style game up to par? We’ve given you tips on the hosttest style for this season from colourful chinos, to double breasted jackets but what about accessories? As with all things in fashion, it’s all in the details and having the right accessories to compliment your wardrobe is crucial. From watches to bags, our team of expert stylists have put together a great list of must-have summer accessories.

Daniel Wellington Watches: $189.00 Shop Now

Jenna’s Picks: Daniel Wellington watches are great for summer because they go with everything. From tee’s and jeans to 3-piece suits. They are lightweight, non-pretentious and come with an array of interchangeable straps. What more could you ask for?!

Anderson’s Woven Textile Belts: $135.00 Shop Now

Susanna’s Pick: Anderson’s belts are a great alternative to the traditional leather options in the market. These playful colours are sure you help you stand out of the crowd and brighten up any summer outfit. Wear them with a nice pair of chinos, loafers and short sleeve button up and you’re set to hit up any rooftop party this season.

Vitaly Design: Freunde Black Two Finger Ring: $130
Vitaly Design: Amici Black Unisex Ceramic Square Ring: $120

Mallory’s Pick: Lets face it men rarely wear rings. But when Vitaly Design offers them an option made of both steel and ceramic its pretty hard to say no! These pieces are great because they can be worn individually or stacked together. I personally love seeing guys stack the 2-finger ring with a single.

MONTE & COE Cotton Canvas Bag: $429.00 Shop Now

Sam’s Picks: With nonstop torrential rains hitting this city, we don’t blame you for wanting to get away. These weekend bags are great for quick trips to the cottage or mini road-trip to anywhere that isn’t here. And if you’re a fitness buff, you can also double up these bags for the gym. Let’s face it, you can do way better than those monogramed “gym” bags.

DIBI Knit Ties: $55.00 Shop Now

Shae’s Pick: Knits are a great alternative to stuffy silk ties in the summer! Knit ties add summer zest to an office suit or dressed down for date night with a sport coat. Every man should own at least one.

When it comes to accessorizing a man the requirements are quite simple. Make a product that will look good, complement our masculinity and our not so dainty lifestyle. As men, we like products that require little care yet are built to last. Which is why we’re really excited to announce that we are officially carrying Vitaly Design products at both our Bathurst and Distillery District locations!

Vitaly Design is a Canadian brand that offers impecable accessories for both men and women. These pieces are edgy and modern yet minimalist and architectural in appearance. It is these characteristics that make Vitaly Designs versatile and suitable for both you and your girlfriend. You can stack pieces together or remove elements to change functionality. Turn a necklace in to a ring or pair a rounded square ring with a wider 2 or 3 finger ring for a nice twist.

Here are our latest arrivals from Vitaly Design!

Vitaly Design: Glass White Rose Gold Two Finger Ring: $120
Vitaly Design: Amici White Rose Gold Unisex Ceramic Square Ring: $120
Vitaly Design: Freunde Black Two Finger Ring: $130
Vitaly Design: Amici Black Unisex Ceramic Square Ring: $120

Vitaly Design: Amis Three Finger Ring: $60
Vitaly Design: Hugeng x Gold Two Finger Ring: $50

Vitaly Design: Zanmi x Brass Unisex Pendant: $60
Vitaly Design: Nouveau Cross Pendant: $80

Vitaly Design: Sua Gun Metal Ring/Pendant: $50
Vitaly Design: Sua Titanium Rose Gold Ring/Pendant: $50
Vitaly Design: Sua Matte Black Ring/Pendant: $50