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Winter is upon us, which means subzero temperatures, wind-chills and frost bite. To avoid being a miserable hack this season we recommend the following. Step one: change your mindset. Understand that just like how all season tires aren’t the same as winter tires, neither are your clothes. What you wore during spring and fall isn’t going to cut it when it’s -25 degrees outside. Which leads us to step two: invest in strong winter fabrics. What does that mean? Outside the basics of a winter parka or bomber, look into investing in textiles that have a heavier weight and exist for the sole purpose of keeping you warm. Here is a list of some key fabrics you should consider when developing your winter wardrobe:

  • FLANNEL: a kind of soft-woven fabric, typically made of wool or cotton and slightly milled and raised. Flannel is typically known to be used in shirt making but is also a great textile to consider when picking a winter suit.
  • TWEED: a hardwearing, coarse wool cloth in a variety of weaves and colors, usually handspun and hand-woven in Scotland. Great for sportcoats and jackets.
  • COTTON: granted cotton is a year-round fabric, however, it is important to note that it is available in a wide variety of weights. Pick garments made of heavier weights to ensure your warmth. Cavalry twill, moleskin, and corduroy are popular choices in cotton for colder months.
  • CASHMERE: One of the most luxurious cloths available, cashmere is fine soft wool, originally made from the Kashmir goat. Ideal for sweaters, and overcoats/topcoats.

Even the best of us sometimes find ourselves at a loss when it comes to reading laundry symbols on our clothes.  As such, we take our best guess and do what most men do, put everything in a cold wash and hope for the best. For all intents and purposes, reading laundry symbols can be as much fun as reading Egyptian hieroglyphics (without the exotic thousand year old history).  Feeling the frustration of men all over, we felt that it was our solemn duty to demystify this generational quandary.

After searching high and low we are pleased to provide you with a lexicon that could quite possibly be the answer to all your laundry needs.  A great man once said, “with great knowledge comes great power”.  Thus, use your power wisely and be sure to practice safe laundering.


Style Manual

Ticket Pocket (n.)Is a small pocket (jetted or flapped) on the outside of a suit jacket traditionally located above the right main pocket.

Traditionally, a distinctly British detail, the ticket pocket owes most of its popularity to the early days of train travel in the UK. As suggested by many historical references many city workers and other commuters needed a pocket that provided easy access to their train tickets- seems logical enough to want a ticket pocket to hold your ticket. However, upon further investigation and a few google searches later we discovered that the ticket pocket actually predates this popular myth.