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Buckson Slacks are the perfect pair for the modern man.

Buckson Slacks is my new favorite pant. Just off the first touch, I could tell that Buckson pays attention to quality. The slacks are proudly made in Canada (yeah eh), and the fabric is organic cotton made in Italy.

Quick side note, organic cotton is a telltale sign of a brand that cares. From pesticides and insecticides used on the plants, harvesting cotton can be extremely harmful to a cotton farm’s surrounding environment. Organic cotton is a more expensive option to make sure the cotton is sustainably made. When it comes to pants there’s a trifecta of quality, fit, and style that needs to be assessed. I love these pants because it hits all of these points.

I just talked about the quality so let’s talk fit. There are 3 major fits for the Buckson slacks; the classic buck, the hockey buck, and the skinny buck.

Buckman-Slacks-Black-2 Buckman-Slacks-Black-3

The Classic Buck: After trying on the classic I fell into jean love. The classic fit pant is slim all the way through with just a tad of lycra. From trying them on, I understood that they will make a great slack to break-in over time and keep on reserve as a closet staple. The fit is slim (not skinny) through and thigh and lower leg. This is the perfect standard slack.Whether you pair it with a graphic tee or a button-up with a blazer, it gets the job done.

Buckman-Slacks-22   Buckman-Slacks-28

The Hockey Buck: The hockey buck is the most comfortable of the three. There is more room through the waist. Your football players can spread out across the field a little bit more in this pant. The difference between the classic and the hockey is very subtle. There is more room in the waist but it still fits slim and maintains comfort.

Buckman-Slacks-33   Buckman-Slacks-14

The Skinny Buck:
As the name states the skinny buck is slimmer. The fit in the thigh remains the same but the knee to cuff tapering has less width than the other two fits. While trying them on I realized several small details in the jeans that all of them have. Buckson gives the selvedge denim detailing a twist with blue stitching instead of the traditional burgundy.

The styling goes along with the fabric and fit. The fabric selection is modern and minimal, hues stay toned down and not too vibrant which is accessible to guys like me. The fabric is super soft and the details are minimal yet present for those with a keen eye.

All in all, Buckson presents a great assortment of slacks for the modern man. The fit, quality, and style is for any man that’s got style.