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Go high-impact this holiday season with these amazing holiday suits by Moods of Norway. Known for pushing boundaries, Moods of Norway has introduced two distinct styles for the holiday season that are sure to have you on everyones best dressed list. These bold prints and patterns married with wool fabrication strike the perfect balance between classic tailoring and modern style- making them perfect for any holiday party or gala.

New Arrivals

Cashmere is the unanimous standard for contemporary luxury today and there is good reason why. It’s strong, light, incredibly soft and provides excellent insulation which makes it one of the best investments for the winter season. Once a fabric reserved for kings, todays markets have adopted Cashmere to make it affordable and accessible to the generations. These latest arrivals from Benson & Toscano Firenze epitomize that sentiment, making them a great addition to your existing wardrobe or as gifts for a loved one.


AVAILABLE AT: The Menswear Store, Distillery