Ask a Stylist: Style Tips on Pocket Square Etiquette, Silver/Grey Suit Options, and Shoe Quantities

December 3, 2010

A few weeks ago I started a Style Tips Q&A called “Ask a Stylist” to help alleviate some of the men’s style concerns our customers and readers have.

However I’m not a stylist, which is my best excuse for not filmed in this video blog segment. Also, the last time I was put in front of a camera was at a Virgin Mobile party where I made a complete drunk fool of myself. I don’t do well on the spotlight.

After spending a few weeks chasing Melissa down with a camcorder (to no avail), I went to our next best person, Vylan. She’s one of our top stylists and owner of Better Man Inc., a personal stylist company. And she rocks on camera.

Email your style questions to so we can help put to rest some big questions you may have!

“One of life’s great conundrums.. Tie, Pocket Square, or Bow-tie? And more importantly, Pocket Square + Tie? Or Pocket square when you’re going sans neckwear? What’s the correct etiquette, @gotstyle?”

-John E.

“I have a silvery/grey, cotton/silk suit. What colour shirt and shoes do you suggest?”

-Ian L.

“How many pairs of a shoes should a man have?”

-Michael H.

Next week, we’ll run a question from Stephen C. (sorry we ran out of time on recording day!). He had a great question which I’m looking forward to answering for you with Vylan!

Here’s a question. I work in a creative company, where even the bosses tend to dress in jeans and a casual button-up shirt.

What’s the best way to dress with some style, but not stand out as the “square” just because I might want to wear something other than denim?

In the meantime, send us your style questions!