Staff Picks for May 2011

April 29, 2011

We’re deep into spring (and about 10mm of rain it seems) and our crew of stylists have picked their favourite items for the month. With new product arriving daily, there are a ton of great new spring blazers, shirts, and jackets to pick through. Lets take a look at our favs!

Lekhena – Marshall Artist jacket ($210)
A unanimous favourite among the staff, this paddington jacket was built with the rainy London streets in mind. Consider getting nautical this spring with this jacket from Marshall Artist.
Vylan – Horst & Ted Baker blazers ($375 and $525, respectively)
Cotton blazers are the tune this month, and what better way to get in the rhyme of things this season with Horst and Ted Baker. The Horst blazer (bottom) is a tonal check with peak lapel, made from cotton to keep you feeling cool underneath. The Ted Baker blazer (top) can be worn casual with practically anything: match it with tee or collared shirt and white cotton pants or this season’s light blue denim. Hot.
Max – Dr Denim pants ($125 each)
They’re everything you want your chinos to be. While there are a ton of different colours to choose from, my colour of choice is green by far. Favourite colour this season.
Neale – Cold Method blazer ($375)
In tonal plaid, this tuxedo style blazer keeps a classic look (a cowl lapel) with funky & edgy detailing. Dress it up before you hit the town – weekday evenings or on the weekends.
Lindsay – Drykorn suit ($995), SAND dress shirt in pink ($195)
Want to dress sharp this summer? The three piece suit will take you places you’ve never been before. In terms of versatility and combinations, you can wear the vest on its own or pair your suit jacket with the vest and jeans. The pink from the shirt will also bring out your summer tan.

It’s also a transition piece from office to play. The three piece suit and shirt combination can bring you from the office to the evening summer patio to late night drinks at the Thompson.

Christine – LAB by Pal Zileri evening blazer ($750)
If you’re a technical person, this should wrap a big smile on your face. This blazer is lightweight and the construction is fantastic – especially inside the jacket. There’s more to it than the plaid, so make sure you ask about this one.