Introducing Our Featured Movember Teams!

November 10, 2011

Team: Stantec Toronto

Nickname: “The Professionals”

Movember fundraising at Stantec started a couple of years ago as the idea of fundraising for this important cause gained MOmentum. In 2010, Stantec consolidated our teams across Canada and the US and raised over $120,000 for Prostate Cancer Canada and the Livestrong Foundation in the US. Our team of over 350 Mo-Bros and Mo-Sistas, Architects, Engineers, Scientists and other professionals worked incredibly hard over the month to raise money from friends, family and colleagues and as a result the Stantec Canada team finished in 5th spot in fundraising in Canada.

For the 2011 campaign, our goal is to step it up a notch, get more involved in community events and showcase what rewards a consolidated fundraising effort can bring.

To date we have 307 members in the Stantec network of teams and we are currently sitting in 9th place in fundraising in Canada.

We are incredibly excited to be working with Gotstyle in our community and look forward to showcasing our moustaches in the store in the coming days.

To make a donatation to Stantec Toronto, click here.

• • •

Team: RBCCM Mo-chachos

Nickname: “The Traders”

Growing a moustache for Movember is the true sign of a man in touch with his, well, er manhood. Raising awareness for a noble cause that is near to our hearts, but frankly more important than our hearts! This month the Mo-Chachos, a brotherhood of 5 traders have given up dates with women who shriek at our shrubbery, committed to an extra 10 min in the am to perfect the grooming of the flow, and adopted the style of a 70s porn star. Not to mention our credibility in the office is out the window, as we’re too busy stroking the stache. And the one married guy is sleeping on the couch until December 1! Woof woof – permanent doghouse.

We can’t pull off the Magnum PI look as we have no Higgins, Ferrari or 80s montage tunes – but we together are trying to make a difference. $1 is all it takes. So next time you see us in the grocery store or restaurant give us a smile instead of a shriek. Stay classy!

To make a donatation to RBCCM Mo-chachos, click here.

• • •

Team: C1 HumBEARS

Nickname: “The Post Grads”

Our team is comprised of 40 post-graduate public relations students from Humber College’s Lakeshore Campus. Generally the majority of students in PR classrooms are female, however our C1 class is lucky enough to include 10 men. With more gender diversity, we are able to capitalize on perspectives that other classes may not get a chance to incorporate in their learning environment.

The 30 Mo Sistas in our class have decided to come together around our Mo Bros to support the Movember campaign for men’s health. Our team’s achievements will be announced at the Second Annual Lakeshow event “Raise a little L” on Nov. 22, 2011 on the Lakeshore campus.

To make a donatation to C1 HumBEARS, click here.

• • •

Team: Bay Stage Lighting

Nickname: “The Out-of-Towners”

Founded in 1957, Bay Stage Lighting is a third generation event lighting design and production management firm located in Tampa, Florida. The company’s owner, Brian Justo, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009. Today he is cancer free due to an early diagnoses and outpouring of support from family, co-workers, and friends. The event lighting design industry is one that is dominated by males worldwide. Justo and Bay Stage Lighting saw this as a perfect opportunity to spread the Movember movement- to change the face of men’s health. The Bay Stage Lighting Movember Team is lead by Brian Justo, as their team captain, and consists of 22 men with professions stretching from lighting designers, riggers, and programmers; to business owners, venue managers, and musicians. You can read more about Bay Stage Lighting’s Movember efforts on their blog .

To make a donation to Bay Stage Lighting, click here.