Cyber Monday 10 items. 10 hours. 50% off. Hourly sales start at 9am.

December 1, 2013

Who says the sale is over?! With Cyber Mondaysoon approaching we want to continue the gift of giving and offer you even more amazing prices. Starting 9am on Monday December 2, 2013, exclusively on our online store we’re going to be dong a flash sale ever hour on the hour for 10 hours on our. What does that mean? Every hour starting at 9am on Cyber Monday we’re going to be offering 1 item at 50%off, once that hour is over so is the sale on that particular item. Not to worry though, because for the following hour we’ll pick another item that will be offered at 50% off. Hence, the 10 items, 10 hours, promotion.

Sale runs from 9am to 7pm exclusively

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