Melissa Talks Tuxedos in the Toronto Star

December 6, 2011

In a bygone era, the tuxedo was reserved for very special occasions. And often, men didn’t buy them. They rented. Men of today know that the rules of fashion were made to be broken, tuxedos can be mixed up and worn separately, during all times of day, and even in contemporary fabrics, patterns, and colours.

Last week, Melissa shared her thoughts on the youthful take on tuxedos with the Toronto Star, which you can read here.


Wearing the same suit you wear to the office doesn’t make the bar for evening events. Especially the increasing amount of charity galas and dinners we’re seeing pop up around Toronto.

“Young men are getting more dressed up,” says Melissa Austria, founder of the popular Toronto menswear boutique Gotstyle.

“Two years ago, we didn’t carry any tuxedos, now we stock four different brands.”

Adding a tuxedo to your evening/formal wardrobe will not only make you look better, but it’ll also make you feel more confident and stylish, whether you’re schmoozing away or just enjoying some Saturday night drinks with friends.

Read The Tuxedo Gets A Useful Makeover Toronto Star.