I know it’s plus 30 out and only July, but in this industry we’re already thinking Fall. I refuse to bring in any Fall product until August as it’s kind of depressing to look at sweaters in July, but I did print out my Fall Bible for everyone to look at. The Fall Bible contains[..]

Reggie here – just got back from a two week vacation around Europe, so apologies for falling a little behind on our social networking platforms. Melissa and Christine did a fine job on the blog while I was away. While I was filling Melissa in on the style game in Europe, she instead asked me[..]

Cold Method is our latest introduction for Spring. Known for making men look discreetly well dressed, this fashion forward line is ideal for the slim and medium build guys. Wear it casually on weekends or use it as a dress up piece for the nightlife. New at the store are the Cold Method tees, blazer,[..]

Cotton Blazers Tuxedo Jackets I have a lot of guys starting to ask what’s coming in for Spring. Expect the return to classic styling, but with a modern edge. Easy fashions that work effortlessly together. It’s about adding the new basics to your wardrobe. The must have items for Spring? We’ve broken it down by[..]