What’s New: Adidas SLVR

January 10, 2012


Leather jacket in black or beige $750.

I saw the ADIDAS SLVR collection at a trade show in New York and I immediately fell in love with its sleek, innovative, and modern styling. I love that it’s designed by fashion designer Dirk Schöenberger (of his own line and JOOP), and uses ADIDAS’s manufacturing capabilities to offer high fashion at accessible price points (Never could understand how innovative fashion was never affordable to the fashionista’s who covet it).


Black pants $115.

ADIDAS SLVR has redefined casualwear, carving out a niche for innovative pieces that match the pace of 21st-century lives.

Through residing at the intersection of comfort, technology, and luxury, this line combines style and function in intriguing new ways that are designed for life on the move.

Belted blazer $350.