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what to wear right now

Living in Canada, having trust issues with weather is as engrained in us as saying “eh” or “sorry”. The weather throughout the day can range from -5° to +5°. A great way to stay stylish and ready for the unpredictable spring weather is through layering. We chose three go-to jackets to show you how it’s done and what to wear in this “in-between” weather.

Look 1

This water resistant Strellson jacket is made of lightweight man-made fibers so it is the perfect weight for transitioning from winter to spring. A simple formula when it comes to layering is to keep the certain key pieces neutral so it can be interchanged. We paired a lightly patterned blue shirt with a jersey grey blazer to compliment. The cool colour palette warrants a navy cardigan for extra warmth. We added more character to the outfit with the patterned chinos. Shoe selection is always crucial, we chose these precious brown wingtips to formalize the outfit to completion.

Strellson Water Repellant Jacket ($398), Blue Industry Jersey Blazer ($349)Individual Navy Knit Cardigan ($95), Blue Industry Circle Print Shirt ($170), Outclass Over Dyed Chino ($195), Krane Leather Portfolio ($175) Paradigma Leather Brogue ($375), Nixon Watch ($175)

Look 2

Rains is definitely a must have for unpredictable weather. It’s completely waterproof and lightweight making it easy to add extra layers for warmth. It’s exactly what to wear between winter to spring or spring to summer.

For a more casual look we paired it with a hoodie from Outclass along with a graphic tee from Aviator Nation. The name might ring a bell; they were recently announced one of the best new American designers by GQ. The print adds a pop of colour. We’re currently loving the new Outclass sneakers, the olive Italian calf leather with the suede heel gives a clean minimal finish.

Rains Classic Rain Jacket ($129), Outclass Hoodie ($185), Aviator Nation ($98), nudie jeans ($179), outclass sneakers ($395)

Look 3

You can’t go wrong with blue, white and khaki. Presented here with a black jacket from Selected Homme. A black transitional jacket is a versatile closet staple. It goes with essentially everything while keeping you cool and minimal, especially in this untrustworthy weather A great spring office look is a white oxford shirt layered with a blue linen crew neck (no tie), this offers a modern look to a classic silhouette while staying cool.

Selected Homme Transitional Jacket ($155), Blue Industry Smooth Stretch Chino($145), Strellson Traveller White Shirt ($178), Strellson Blue Luther Crew Neck ($168). Paradigma Black Monk Strap ($375) Nixon Watch ($175)

transitional outerwear feature image

Unpredictable weather is the thorn in our most fashionable sides.

Can you feel the frustration? The weather will swing from minus 5 to plus 5 in a day. You don’t want to wear your down filled coat anymore, but you’ll feel off walking around without a jacket on. (We want summer but it’s not really here yet, dressing like it will only make you susceptible to getting sick).

So– it’s time for TRANSITIONAL outerwear. What’s transitional outerwear you ask? We started talking about this a few seasons ago and more and more guys are starting to get it.
Transitional outerwear is the outerwear pieces you can wear now, and that will tide you over to the “no jacket season” AKA summer.

Some key ones to start looking at?

First lets take a look at the forecast. According to Farmer’s Almanac (my go-to source for buying forecasting) it’s going to be a slightly cooler and a definitely rainier spring. It’s funny how we can handle snow but rain that’s a different story, snow you get a little wet, rain you get drenched. 

We carry two lines of very stylish rain jackets. Both with a hood to keep you dry! (yes, you can finally forget about losing your umbrellas.)

Rains from Denmark has a clean modern design. If you’ve ever been to Denmark you’ll know that they know rainwear. It’s sunny one second and rainy for the next 10… in fact their spring is a perpetual state of sunny rain. 

We carry their modern interpretation of the classic rain jacket. It’s super light weight making it easy to wear and easy to carry around (perfect for music festivals!)

Stutterheim is a brand from Sweden (another country that knows rain well!) It was started by Alexandre Stutterheim, in homage to his grandfather’s raincoat. This was the raincoat that saw him off to sea to catch fish defying the worst weather; the heaviest bone drenching rain and loudest thunderstorms.

He wanted to make a modernized version of that raincoat but still crafted in the traditional way: by hand by a skilled seamstress that knew how to deal with the thick durable fabric. He was lucky to find the last surviving textile mill in Sweden and together they built the perfect raincoat.

These raincoats are made of rubberized cotton with taped and sealed seams so rain will never get through. A raincoat that will last the sophisticated Gotstyle man forever

Now you’ve got the rain covered, what other spring outerwear do you need when it’s not raining? How about a light weight “everyday jacket” to wear to work over your suit: The proper name is the “carcoat”. You’ll spot them by their length. A coat that ends mid-thigh and is long enough to cover your suit jacket. But no, not trench.

If you want the best of both worlds, get a G-Lab jacket. They’re  waterproof, windproof and breathable- everything you need to conquer the ever changing weather. They’re modern, sleek and technical without the bulk.

The Cosmo style’s slim silhouette works great with suits and the 3-layer fabric and integrated thermo jacket guarantee top-notch functionality. The seam lines, pockets and high collar add a touch of outdoor-inspired nonchalance.

The modern short parka is the perfect partner for any tour when it comes to protecting its wearer from wind and weather. Full commitment provides the Commander with its 3-layer high performance material and action-pleat in the back for a comfortable fit and more mobility. The four large outer pockets on each day expedition plenty of storage space – and ensure a sporty yet stylish look.


What should a groom wear to a wedding? How about a proper suit.

Guys should look to their bride for an idea of how casual or formal they should go. And when in doubt, a suit will always work. Whether it’s a destination or civil ceremony any stylist should be able to help you dress up or down according to your bride.

Check out some of our 2017 wedding trends here.

Should I wear a suit to my wedding?

Short answer, yes. If your bride is wearing a traditional wedding dress, and getting her hair and makeup done why should you get a free pass to not wear a suit on the most important day of your lives?

In case you didn’t know, a wedding dress is just as hot as a suit (trust me that sateen, lace, silk stuff does not breath). You only need to wear the full suit for a maximum of 2-3 hours (ceremony and pictures) then, you can take your jacket off!

Your pictures will look so much better and your bride will be so impressed with how handsome you look! (no one looks handsome in an untucked shirt, just saying).

At the end of the day you are paying good money for your wedding. You’ll want to have great pictures of you and your bride to look back on.

What should a groom wear to a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is the same as any other wedding – you’re just in another country with better weather. So remember this-  if wouldn’t wear it at home don’t do it at your destination wedding.  

Would you wear an untucked oversized linen shirt with wide leg linen pants? Didn’t think so. So don’t do it over there.

linen pants and shirts

Please Stop Doing This

Another myth is in the fabrication. The fact is a lightweight wool suit will breathe better than wearing linen or cotton. The classic lightweight fabrics are great too however linen and seersucker will wrinkle and not look as crisp in photos. (wool, linen, seersucker, cotton). 


Your fabrication options: wool, linen, seersucker, cotton.

Go for a lighter color. Try light blue or soft gray. These colours will psychologically make you feel cooler. Avoid beige. Beige suits at destination weddings look corny. It doesn’t help that beige doesn’t look good on 90% of men– go light grey instead.

What should my groomsmen wear?

Stop dressing the same as your groomsmen. Your bride looks totally different than her bridesmaids – so you should look completely different from your groomsmen. You should stand out in those wedding photos! 


If you want to do linen or seersucker, look for Haspel.

Our go-to brand for seersucker and linen is Haspel, the originator of the seersucker suit in 1901. We like them because they’ve kept the same quality while also upgrading their fit over time.

Linen and seersucker fabrics are naturally less stiff and will continue to wrinkle as you wear them. If you want something that will stay crisp throughout the day try a cotton suit instead.

What you should wear to a destination wedding

Haspel Gravier Seersucker Blazer $650, Oscar of Sweden Floral Print on Check Shirt $225, Haspel Bernard Seersucker Pant $195, Anderson’s Stretch Leather Belt $198, A. Christensen Pocket Square $45

What you should wear to a destination wedding

Haspel Gravier Seersucker Blazer $650, Ordean Solid Shirt $150, Haspel Bernard Seersucker Pant $195, Gotstyle Tie $105, A. Christensen Pocket Square $45, Gotstyle Double Monk Strap Shoe $225

For more information on wedding styling Mallory is here to help. You can also check our our Gotstyle Weddings Instagram. If you’ve been thinking of going custom check out our gotstyle custom website.

ace your job interview

Your resumé was polished and they loved your cover letter. Perfect. You got the interview. You know you can nail it, but one big question remains: what are you going to wear?

Dressing well for an interview shows professionalism and that you understand the culture you’re going to enter. It’s a great way to make the right impression and be memorable to the interviewer. It’s not rocket science, but there are some things you need to know.

Consider three things when picking your outfit:

  1. Industry — Would you wear the same thing to a conservative bank as you would to a casual tech startup?
  2. Job function/department — What flies in marketing may not be greeted as enthusiastically in accounting.
  3. Seniority — Younger guys should err on the safe side, versus someone more established in their career who has “earned” the privilege to dress with a little more flare.

The common theme here? Know your audience.

Unless you’ve been specifically told not to, wear a suit. You’ll look your best and most professional. It shows you respect the interviewers’ time and take this seriously.

Now, let’s get into the details.

When dressing for a job interview, the safe play is a dark charcoal or navy blue suit. Charcoal tends to be the more conservative of the two — but you really can’t go wrong with either. If you’re having trouble deciding, once again: consider your audience. Paul Betenly makes an awesome starter suit in both charcoal and navy.

If you’re interviewing for a more senior position or a job in a more creative industry, a brighter blue or lighter grey suit can work too. A black suit is never okay unless the job is in the funeral business.

One last thing — please, please make sure your suit fits.

Your interview shirt should also fit great. Check out our video guide for finding the perfect shirt to make sure you’re doing it right.

For the style details, go with normal cuffs (not french), and a spread or semi-spread collar.

In terms of colour, solid whites and light blues are most conservative. These go well with any suit. Stenstroms and our own Gotstyle-Lipson shirts are both fantastic options.

For a bolder look, try a micro pattern. A geo pattern like the one below from Oscar works well.

Never, ever wear a square toe dress shoe. Say no to square toe.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I recommend black or brown leather oxford dress shoes for an interview. You can’t go wrong with an oxford shoe in a business setting. The Gotstyle Cap Toe Derby Shoe is a perfect example.

Double monkstraps are a riskier alternative. Only consider these in situations where — you guessed it — you’re interviewing for a senior or less conservative role. And again, keep the colour to black or brown.

No matter what shoes you choose, make sure you give them a good shine and that you’ve worn them before. Often a new pair of dress shoes takes some time to work in, and the last thing you need is blisters on the day of your interview.


First things first, your belt should match your shoes. Black with black, brown with brown. Keep your belt sleek and simple — no big buckles. Anderson’s black or brown pebbled belts are perfect.

Here is your chance to show some personality. Choose a colour or pattern that’s stylish and memorable — just make sure it’s setting appropriate and that it matches.

For creative industries (especially in the winter), add versatility to your formal look by trying a more casual, texturized knit tie. When choosing a tie knot, go with a half windsor or four-in-hand. Knots are not the place to experiment.


Google Images

Have some fun! It’s fine to show a little colour or pattern, as long as they don’t clash with the rest of your look.

If you’re going to wear one, keep it sleek and understated.

Everything Else
Save the funky lapel pins, cufflinks, and tie bars for once you get the job.

Got any more questions? Our team of stylists is here to help, with private appointments and free wardrobe consultations. Book your appointment today at 416-260-9696 or info@gotstyle.ca.

Good luck (not that you need it). You’ve got this!


What to do on Canada Day

June 30, 2015

If you couldn’t find a cottage to crash this week you’ll want to know all the spots for Wednesday’s Canada Day celebrations. Here’s a list of what you could be doing, and wearing.

July 1st, Toronto Island
Music by Sasha, Marcel Dettmann, Lee Foss, Dennis Ferrer and others.

Electric Island is a perfect place to spend the day blissing out to beats and appreciating the freedoms we have as Canadians. We wouldn’t let you forget that fashion thrives at music festivals. Show some love for Toronto with a Peace Collective Tee and Gotstyle X Sully Wong Digital Camo Canvas High Tops. For sun protection, we’ve got you covered with a Varvatos Fedora and new Le Spec Shades. (Sunscreen still required) 


Outfit Details Digital Camo Shoe by Gotstyle & Sully Wong buy now, Toronto VS. Everybody Tee by The Peace Collective $30 buy now, Dynamo Chino by Zanerobe $149 buy now,  Fedora by John Varvatos $98 buy now, Sunglasses by Le Spec (in store only)

Wednesday July 1st 1:07 pm

Jay’s Vs. Boston – Rogers Center

Is anything more Canadian than a Jays game on Canada Day? Don’t let a sold out game discourage you. Hit up the scalpers or watch the game from a bar. Go Jays go!


Outfit Details Cargo Short by Globe buy now, Shirt by Lyle & Scott $130, Floral Hat by Globe  $40, Sunglasses by Le Spec (in store only)


Wednesday July 1st 10:00 pm(ish)
Various Locations

Nostalgia, nostalgia.. fireworks still bring out the kid in us. Fortunately, they’re going off all over the city– although our favorite spot is the amateur show in Trinity Bellwoods. Add bubbles and a blanket you’ve got a date. Other firework spots include Harbourfront Center, Ashbridges Bay, Centennial Bay(Ribfest).


Outfit Details One Pocket Sweater by Champion X Todd Snyder $115 buy now , Tan Shorts by Zanerobe $90 buy now, Watch by Nixon, Tennis Shoe by Lacoste, $90 (in-store only)

Of course you can always spend Canada Day shopping with the Gotstyle staff.
We’ll be open at our Distillery location, 11-6.

Style Tips

Like newly growing grass, spring wardrobes require constant care and maintenance. We’ve sorted through piles of the season’s trends to pick the best, the brightest- and the one’s that’ll last. Our wise and intrepid leader Melissa Austria demonstrates what to wear for more temperate temperatures.

Spring 2014 Must-Haves:

  1. Jersey Blazer
  2. Coloured Chinos
  3. LIght weight knit cardigans
  4. Print & pattern shirts

AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery