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Dalla suits feature image

Tuxedos are great. They’re elegant and you can’t go wrong wearing one. But don’t get bored of the same old, same old. If you’re a regular tux wearer or need something new and different, look to DALLA suits and tuxedos.

DALLA is a Canadian brand founded by Designer Hussein Shiraz and he’s changing the way men think about fashion. He pushes the mould of modern evening wear and provides a label that exudes class, luxury, and elegance. Specializing in tailored fits and the finest European sourced materials and craftsmanship, DALLA is a flawless blend of classic and contemporary design.

Make a statement like our own Canadian superstar The Weeknd. He wore a DALLA suit for Diddy’s 2015 NYE bash.

New DALLA Suits & Tuxedos

New shipment of suits from John Varvatos came in – modern slim fit of course, all Italian fabrics and a half canvas construction for $695. We have them in sizes 40 – 46Tall.

John Varvatos suit in Grey Plaid, $695

John Varvatos suit in Black and Navy Striped, $695

And just in time for wedding season, a beautiful tuxedo with a hint of lycra that helps give the suit some give (so you’ll be able to move on the dance floor!)! Priced at $795.

John Varvatos tuxedo, $795

What’s New: SAND

April 3, 2010

Sand blazers, $595 (tuxedo, $795)

SAND dress shirts, from $195 to $225

While SAND is one of those labels that doesn’t need an introduction, a reminder is always suitable.

This spring their line has a great emphasis on detail – just check out the inner detailing on the collar/cuffs of their dress shirts.

Their blazers – tuxedo or regular jacket – have a fit that many find hard to replicate. They’re also trimmed shorter for a modern cut, and the quality is consistent with what they’re known best for.

Don’t forget to check out Melissa’s spring trends videos to the different styles & impact on the details.

Stylist Picks for March

March 28, 2010

Christine - Sand dress shirt, $225

The best thing about this choice is that SAND has so many great colours & styles to choose from. Christine chose this shirt based on its spring-safe colours & checkered pattern. Able to be worn during the day and into the night, the wow factor starts with the detailing – just look inside the collar & cuffs.

Michael - SAND tuxedo jacket, $595

“You will stand out.”

That’s exactly what Michael said about this SAND jacket with authority. This traditional yet modernized tuxedo jacket takes you from baby steps to man strides. Michael (who is also sporting an amazing Pal Zileri suit) favours this piece for its versatility – it can be paired with a variety of shirt styles, denims, or structured dress pants.

Veronica - Cold Method jacket, $375

Although white can be harder to maintain, Veronica’s selection for our new label, Cold Method is a great choice for anyone looking for an exceptional piece that will match with almost anything (including practically any colour). It’s light weight (made with both cotton and linen) for those warm or breezy days and is well tailored with a formal finish. Veronica is big on transition pieces, and this jacket is no exception – wear this from brunch until later in the PM for drinks on the patio.

More on Cold Method next week when we highlight their complete collection that just arrived.

Neale - Bunker shoes, $175

A remedy for any summer footwear confusion, these suede loafers are perfect for casual or dressy outfits on warm summer days and into those sexy summer evenings (yet another transition item!). The lining is very comfortable and can be worn with or without socks, and may be coupled with jeans, shorts, suits. The possibilities are endless. Plus they come in three colours: red, blue, or beige.

Reggie - Bustle, $450

This is more of a blogger’s pick (I’m not much of a stylist – I can dress myself but that’s about it), but it’s hard not to notice things I want to blow my pay checks on. The Bustle jacket features a peak lapel, the cotton chintz provides the shiny texture, and the inner liner is littered with their quirky, trademark bird designs. It needs almost no tailoring for a slim guy like myself.

Looking forward to seeing what Bustle has in store for us this fall at their fashion show this Thursday!