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Genius German brand, Hiltl takes discipline to extremes. The label designs only pants, with precision and attention to detail long lost by others; zippers and buttons are custom made, fabrics are chosen with care and pieces are still hand sewn- where machines can’t do the job right. Also noteworthy- these sought-after trousers look insane and wear even better.

Warning: wearing Hiltl risks complete refusal to even try any other pair.


In a world that’s getting larger and the pants getting “skinnier” it has become a serious task to find a good classic fitting trouser. This is precisely why we carry a brand called Hiltl – the “Trouser Connoisseur”. Their expertise and knowledge spans decades which is why they are one of our go-to brands for men and coined the “Ultimate Trouser”. With sophisticated details like pipings from tie silk, fabrics with contrast backsides and colour-coordinated pocket and waistband linings, these new arrivals are an amazing fit for any Spring/Summer wardrobe. The highlight this season is their “Summer Bedford” trouser which comes with a removable crocheted flower and where 1€ of every trouser sold will be donated to the International children’s cancer charity.

Hilt Peaker Cotton Pant (Navy): $218

Hilt Peaker Cotton Pant (Navy & Grey): $218

Hilt Pietro Cotton Pant with Contrast Detail: $198

Hilt Pietro Cotton Pant with Contrast Detail (Navy & Grey): $198