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Sorry to break it to you guys but high school is over, which means like your education its time to graduate your style. The stakes are higher and your competition more aggressive. You can’t just talk the talk you gotta walk the walk. Which is why we’ve put together another great back to school style guide to help you steer clear of those juvenile graphic tees, dirty jeans and comical knapsacks. It’s time to say goodbye to the boy you were and say hello to man you’re about to become! Because we all know you got to dress better, to do better.



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Vent (n,): is a slit in the bottom rear (the “tail”) of the jacket. Vents go as far back as the days when people first starting sitting and wearing jackets at the same time. Have you ever tried to sit or ride a horse while wearing a jacket that had no vents? Precisely, vents were created as a functional necessity designed to provide comfort to the wearer by allowing the jacket’s tails to part and fall gracefully vs bunching and constricting the body while seated.

There are three types of jacket vents you should know: single vent, double vent and the proverbial no vent. We’d recommend your erase the latter from your vocabulary as it has no place in a modern mans wardrobe.

Let’s start by saying that the single and double vents are both equally appropriate and timeless. However, there are significant differences in the two styles and understanding the pros and cons is crucial in deciding which style is better suited to you and your body. If you are a huskier guy and have a big derriere you may want to consider a single vent jacket as it will offer better coverage and cleaner silhouette. On bigger guys double vent jackets, if not tailored properly, will kick out and hang off your butt bringing undue attention to it.

Conversely double vents tend to be the go-to style for guys in great shape that are looking to accentuate their assets. “The dual slits (or vents) along the side emphasize the outside lines of the body; in doing so, they establish an attractive, longer silhouette that complements and lengthens your frame.” – Askmen

Style Tips

The red carpet style competition is notoriously stiff. Full time teams dedicated to the “look”, relationships with the most acclaimed designers, back-up attire for every event- it seems impossible for anyone (who isn’t an A-lister) to keep up. Except for us. We have every affair attended to, day to night, power lunches to black tie soirees. Slim fit suiting, creative details, trends and formalwear covered- for slickly understated attire to coolly stand apart from the crowd.

Photography by: Ishmil Waterman
Styling by: Sharad Mohan
Video by: Chris Carter



Pride Weekend- Show Your Stripes

Sasha Ferkul June 25, 2014

Equality enthusiasts or member of the LGBTTIQQ2SA community, choosing attire for the most sartorially smashing weekend in Toronto’s calendar is a daunting task. Pulled together, appropriately brazen or somewhere in between, set a new standard for celebratory looks. Vivid hues, flashy prints and New Balance kicks are energetic, on-trend and immediately conspicuous- even in a crowd thousands of revellers deep.


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Style Tips

Don’t get lazy just because it’s winter. It is important to look your best regardless of season and though winter requires a little more planning it is possible to look great and be warm at the same time. Here are some tips on what to watch for when sorting out your wardrobe for the winter season.


Style Tips

Believe it or not, the holiday season is upon us and that means you’ll be heading to a few office parties, family get togethers, and a myriad of other social engagements. Dressing for the season can get a little tricky as people often find themselves teetering uncomfortably between looking festive and looking like a glorified ornament. Suffice it to say the latter is less than desirable. A man regardless of season should always look sharp and well put together which is why we’ve developed this mini look book to illustrate some of the great options available to you when planning your holiday outfits.


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