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New Arrivals

Let’s put some spring in your step and shake off those winter blues with our latest, vibrant, collection of new arrivals from New Balance. Known for their exceptional quality, and fashion prowess these retro sneakers are a definite must-have for Spring. These aren’t just any “regular” New Balance kicks, in an effort to distinguish ourselves from other North American stores and New Balance USA we went straight to the European and Japanese markets to pull some exclusive styles just for you. Outside of those two markets, Canada is the only other place where you can get your feet into these 420 Classics. Hurry before we run out!


AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery

Accessories is the name of the game, and NOW magazine was on point when they picked our New Balance retro sneakers and Daines & Hathaway leather briefcase in their Spring fashion editorial.

New Balance Retro Sneakers: $90
Daines & Hathaway Leather Briefcase: $650

We’re so excited for our latest shipment of New Balance retro sneakers. With the growing emphasis on flash in the fashion world it’s sometimes refreshing to pay homage to the classics. This iconic 70’s brand has really stood the test of time, from meeting the needs of the everyday athletes to those of the sartorially inclined. Yes, from gracing the pages of sports magazine to those of GQ, New Balance shoes are apart of the latest trend that beautifully marries style and comfort. Wondering how you it all comes together? Check out this great example as a guide on how you can work this latest trend into your personal style.

So, the next time you are getting ready try swapping your brogues for one of these and see how it changes your life. Suffice it to say fashion has never looked so comfortable.

New Balance Retro Sneaker W/ Suede and Mesh Upper (Red): $90

New Balance Retro Sneaker w/ Suede Mesh Upper (Grey): $90

New Balance Retro Sneaker w/ Suede Mesh Upper (Blue): $90

New Balance Classic Retro w/ Suede Mesh Upper (Yellow): $90

New Balance 25th Anniversary Edition of the Classic 576 (Grey): $200