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It’s ‘stache season and we want to do our part in making sure you rock yours with style. Getting the right style to match your Movember stache can be a tricky thing- but don’t worry we’re here to give a helping hand. Whether you’re holding down the classic handle-bar, the horseshoe, the dali or the lampshade we’ve got the look that is guaranteed to make you shine.

Start by realizing that you have a choice and saying no to the Canadian uniform should be priority #1. There’s more to Movemeber than just plaids, denim and creepy moustaches and we’re here to prove it. There are people with real style and some pretty sexy ‘staches that are joining the cause, just look at Nick Wooster. If he doesn’t scream sexy, bearded cool we don’t know who does. Learn to take pride in your newly discovered/groomed ‘stache and recognize that if you’re going to change the face of men’s health, why not do it in style with Gotstyle!




Van Gils Plaid Flannel Blazer: $595 Strellson Virgin Wool Turtleneck Sweater: $148




Moods Of Norway Stein Tonning Suit Jacket: $449 Moods Of Norway Stein Flo Wool Suit Pant: $229 Haight & Ashbury Costal Floral Shirt: $110


We’re excited to announce our first Gotstyle Movember team ever! The boys are prepped and ready to devote the next 30 days to stepping up their moustachery game all in the name of their prostate. Help support these brave men on their journey and let’s change the face of men’s health forever!

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New Arrivals

Mo’ Swag!

October 31, 2013

Check out these exclusive pieces we picked up in celebration of the Movember season. From our limited edition graphic tees, to our sexy boxers from Saxx, we’re ball’s-in this season and encourage you to join the movement.

Here are you featured items:

  • Benson Moustache Tee: $
  • Saxx Moustache Boxers: $35
  • Autruche Flask: $24
  • Rebels Refinery Essentials Kit: $57
  • How To Be A Man: A Guide to Stye and Behaviour for the Modern Gentleman: $27.95
  • Stuff every Man Should Know: $10.95