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LED Manifesto

Authentic brand essence and simplicity of design combine to create Lacoste Essential Design. This approach marks the difference between ordinary and unique. It is achieved when all elements work together; when quality and taste are never compromised. We believe in footwear that is considered, timeless and classic. This is Lacoste Essential Design.

Lacoste’s LED (Lacoste Essential Design) collection is an exclusive arm of the brand and we’re really excited to be carrying select pieces for Fall 2013. These ski inspired knit mountain boots and leather moc are prefect for city and suburban living and offer a great balance between style and functionality, making them ideal for the transitional weather we’re soon to get. Some key design features include neoprene sockliners, the use of apricot-colored detailing, and knitted collars on select models providing comfort and style.


AVAILABLE AT:The Menswear Store & Distillery
Style Tips

Back To School Cool

August 27, 2013

Highschool is over and it’s time you discovered the new you! The stakes are higher and your competition more aggressive than you could ever imagine. You can’t just talk the talk you gotta walk the walk. No more silly knapsacks, or ripped up jeans and definitely no juvenile graphic tees and gym shorts. It’s called higher education for a reason. So, say goodbye to the boy you were and say hello to man you’re about to become!


AVAILABLE AT:The Menswear Store, Distillery, Online