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Ever wake up and have no clue how to handle your manly mane? Well, thanks our resident barber extraordinaire Pamela Hackwell we bring you this great editorial designed to teach you how to get 4 distinct looks from just one cut. From daytime casual to black-tie sheek, here’s how to get the most out of your hair cut.


J. Lindeberg Jersey Bomber: $200, Benson Revers Hawaii Print T-Shirt: $98, HH Hair Hold: $41, HH Hair Shaper: $41


Easy Rider (or “toss those curls”)

How to get the look: Towel dry to start. In the palm of your hand take 1/3 Hair Hold and 2/3 Hair Shaper (size of a quarter) spread all over palms and massage into hair. Toss hair into position and allow to dry. DO NOT TOUCH until almost completely dry. Then rake fingers through hair to loosen it up for height and softness. DO NOT over tweak or you will end up with fuzz.


PYA Long Sleeve Henley: $85, SAND 3D Micro Print Blazer: $725, HH Hair Hold: $41, HH Hair Pomade: $42


Man Up (or “elevation and direction”)

How to get the look: Towel dry to start. Take a quarter-sized amount of Hair Hold, rub it between palms and apply to your hair. Starting at the crown take 1-inch sections and hold straight up while blow-drying each section. This creates elevation. Then apply Pomade to create the desired amount of texture and direction. Always start with a dime-sized amount warmed between the fingers and then raked through the hair.

**For extra texture take random pieces of hair and give a 1/2 rotation.


Tiger of Sweden Suit: $889, Stenstroms Dress Shirt: $249, Ted Baker Tie: $95, HH Hair Hold: $41, HH Hair Shaper: $41, HH Hair Pomade: $42


Safe Bet (or “you can’t go wrong with the side part”)

How to get the look: Towel dry to start. Create your side part with the help of a finger comb. If you are going to blow dry, apply a little Hair Hold to keep hair in place. Otherwise, comb hair into place and allow to dry naturally. About 3/4 of the way, rub a dime sized amount of Hair Shaper into palms and apply to hair for light texture and more control. If you have a lot of hair, you might want to use Pomade to secure the part.


Tiger of Sweden Nedvin Suit: $849, SAND Micro Print Shirt: $249, Doro Lapel Flower: $19, HH Shampoo: $39, HH Conditioner: $39


Slick Dick (or “ drive handsome home”)

How to get the look: Towel dry to start. To lock your hair in place apply a quarter sized amount of Hair Hold to your hair, slick back and blow dry until completely dry. Many guys often make the mistake of applying product to the hair when damp and flying out the door only to find that when the hair finally dries it refuses to stay put. For a dry slick take a dime sized amount of Hair Shaper, rub into palms and run over top of hair to position. If you prefer the wet look, take a quarter-sized amount of Pomade, rub into palms and run completely through your hair. For a “natural” look use your hands. But the crisp, classic slick is best achieved by using a fine toothcomb.

Product Description: HOMME by Hackwell

HOMME by Hackwell is specifically designed for men with certified organic ‘Wild Harvest’ extracts of the purest, cleanest forms for cleaning, moisturizing and rebuilding. Airy citrus notes with hints of ylang ylang essential oil freshen and reinvigorate the skin. The formulation of HOMME products came from Hackwell’s years of experience studying and treating men’s skin and hair needs. Her goal is to create a line that uses the highest- grade ingredients available with no contaminants that prove to have potent results on men.


To Celebrate Canada’s 148th birthday, we put together a Canada Day Survival Guide. These are the Canadian coloured items you’ll want with you on Canada Day. Find something for the beach, cottage, rave, fireworks, or baseball game.

If you don’t have plans, check out our Canada Day guide here.
Our favorites pieces include The Home is Toronto Varsity Jacket from The Peace Collective. The perfect light-weight jacket for watching fireworks in the park. You’re gonna want a blanket to curl up on, so we included that with this one by Wool Rich. If you’re heading out of town, were jealous. Don’t forget your Swims and Nixon blaster!

bottom Details: Dropshot Chino by Zanerobe $140, Inferno Chino by Zanerobe $150.

Details: Letterman Jacket by The Peace Collective $199 buy now, Helmer Leather Backpack by Sandqvist $475 buy now.
Details: Acron Ridge Stripe Blanket by Woolrich $120 buy now, George Summer Lace Loafer by Swims $199 buy now, Coloured Laces by Stolen Riches 19.99 buy now.
Details: Watch by Daniel Wellington $220 buy now, Woven Belt by Andersons, Sunglasses by Custom Projects, Slip On by Lacoste, Long sleeve crew neck by Benson, Knit Cardigan by Haspel, in store only.
Details: Leather High Tip Shoe by Tiger of Sweden $229 buy now, SWJ 5 Mid Leather Sneaker by Sully Wong $280 buy now, Toronto VS Everybody Tee by The Peace Collective $30 buy now, Slim Fit Shirt by Haight & Ashbury in story only.


If you’re going to an awards show, you gotta look proper…Taking some time from the grueling rigors of training camp, etalk and Gotstyle founder Melissa Austria dropped into Argos training camp to get SB Chad Owens and DL Ricky Foley suited up for their appearance at the MMVAs!


Chad Owens: Without Prejudice suit, Gotstyle private label shirt with Doro lapel flower pin

Ricky Foley: Not Your Fathers peak lapel tuxedo blazer, Circle of Gentlemen shirt and feather Hook and Furl lapel pin.

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Without Prejudice is undoubtably one of our prized brands. They offer great value for money and constantly deliver on their promise at being an innovative brand that’s built on quality not brand worship. For those of you who know the brand we know you get it, for those of you who don’t, we recommend you come on in and give them a try especially now that we’ve just received a brand new SS15 shipment. New this week from WP are then amazingly colourful deconstructed blazers. Great at keeping you looking cool, calm and dapper without breaking a sweat.


Without Prejudice Hiley Linen Light Green Blazer: $650


Without Prejudice Buckley Linen Blue Blazer: $595


Without Prejudice Hiley Herringbone Grey Blazer: $595

Without Prejudice Hiley Seersucker Light Blue Blazer: $595

Without Prejudice Hiley Seersucker Light Blue Blazer: $595


Age ain’t nothing but a number, especially when we’re talking about style and fashion. That’s why we feature key trends and showcase how they can be adopted no matter how old or young you are. In this article we turn our attention to summer sport coats because they are versatile, easy to wear and a definite wardrobe must-have. You can easily dress them up or dress them down to suit any occasion and with so many styles available in-store you can rest assured that there is one perfect for you.

20s – The Graduate

Respect the investment into your education and play the part by incorporating a sport coat into your college wardrobe. You can keep it young and stay fresh by layering it with a hoodie and graphic tee. Drop crotch pants will give you that urban edge that promises to step up your game. 

30s – The Free Agent

It doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is what you look like you could do. Nothing says “smart, stylish, and professional” better than a sport coat. Stripes over a white oxford-style shirt, paired with a good-fitting pair of jeans and clean white sneakers makes you look accomplished while you’re still accomplishing.


Van Gils Jacquard Woven Jersey Blazer: $595 Van Gils Speck Coloured Button Shirt: $185 Lacoste Live Striped Jersey T-Shirt: $60 Nudie Grim Tim Crosshatch Jean: $219 Tiger of Sweden Sneaker: $229

40s – The Shark

You don’t have to work on Bay Street to look and feel like a shark. But you can wear a sport coat with dark denim to intimidate all the other fish. Style it with a pink shirt and microprint tie and they won’t even see you coming. And then by the time they get a look at your killer shoes, it’ll be too late.

50s – The O.G.

There are no rules for the O.G, except maybe knowing when to leave the gun and take the cannoli. A double-breasted sport coat is not only your ticket to the big boys club, but it puts you at the head of the table. In fact, jackets like these are reserved for people like you.   


Sand Ringo DB Hopsack Blazer: $695 Sand Floral Mono Print Shirt: $195 Nigel Hall Cotton Flat Front Tapered Trouser: $185 Hudson Hadstone Weave Derby Shoe: $175 Anderson’s Woven Belt: $150


“It’s the same look I got from people over 10 yrs ago when I said I wanted to open a menswear store. They said retail is dying; soon people will only be shopping on-line; men don’t care how they dress; you can’t compete with the big guys; you don’t know anything about running a business; you’re crazy!

They say the same things about launching a magazine – print is dead; no one reads anymore and if they do it’s only on a kindle or iPad; you can’t compete with established publishers; you don’t know anything about running a magazine; you’re crazy.

Call me old fashion, but to me there is still something special about holding a book in my hands or flipping through the pages of a magazine (and tearing out the pages I love or the items I want). I have things on my kindle, but I never go back to them to reference or re-read. They certainly never become part of my library or my home.

I feel the same way when it comes to specialty stores and restaurants. I love going to my neighborhood spots where everyone knows my name (or at least engages me with welcoming conversation). Not everything has to change as the world moves faster.

We can embrace change and still hold on to the familiar things we love. Gotstyle Man is an extension of the store. It’s an educational, informative, and inspirational guide to obtainable style for every man. At its core, it’s a celebration of the city we love and the men who make it great.

As we continue to show the naysayers wrong with our 10 year anniversary celebration, the successful opening of our second location and the launch of our on-line store, we thank everyone who supported us through the years. I can hardly wait to see what the next 10 years will look like, but I know they will be bigger and better than ever. This magazine is a testament to all that is possible when you believe in your vision and are fortunate enough to live in an amazing city with amazing people that bring it to life.” – Melissa Austria, GOTSTYLE FOUNDER