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Celeb Style

Let’s start by saying that we have much respect for the GQ brand and it’s unprecedented contribution to the growth of the men’s fashion scene the world over. They are the go-to resource for pretty much everything from latest trends, guides, tips and tricks. However, one thing they are not isĀ affordable. Let’s be honest who’s seriously running to their nearest men’s fashion retailer to buy a $4,000 suit or a $20,000 watch?! Not the average person that’s for sure. Having said that, just because you can’t afford the big brand labels doesn’t mean you can’t get the same look at a price point more suited to your wallet. And, we’re here to prove it!

In our #GsVsGQ Runway To Reality series we aim to take some of your favourite looks from GQ, and show you how you can get them at the fraction of the cost. In this feature we take on NBA superstar Lebron James and his latest spread for GQ.


AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery