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The Shawl Collar Sweater Is Back.

If you want a quick, easy way to upgrade your old sweater routine try a shawl collar sweater. Shawl collar sweaters have been rocked by James Bond to Steve McQueen. They manage to always add a bit of sophistication whether you dress it up or dress it down. Next time you go out, trade your crew neck in for a shawl collar.

Celebrities In Shawl Collars

What you should remember:

Shawl collars are known to be flattering to stockier, heavy set physiques thanks to the rolled, rounded shape which frames the face. The long, curved lapels also help create a leaner, trimmer silhouette.

Our expert menswear stylists have put together four looks with their favorite shawl collar sweaters that are in store and online now.

Hover over the photos to see the details.


Pairing a turtleneck with a shawl collar cardigan is classy as f*ck.

Put a twist on it with a sleek bomber and ripped denim. This is a good outfit for hitting the bar with your friends, that first coffee date, or a casual brunch. Need a dressier option? Wear the same sweater/turtleneck combo with a blazer.


Shawl collar… collars, come in different sizes.

Smaller collars make layering easier. Try over a button down and under a blazer for a no brainer weekend outfit. Swap your jeans for chinos or trousers for a dinnertime look.


Chunkier knits have more character and just feel definitely cozier.

Thicker knits aren’t as easy to layer under, so don’t force it. Avoid looking bulky by wearing just the sweater and a t-shirt underneath. We’d recommend this look for casual office days or weekend brunch!


Thinner collar? Add a tie.

This is a good look for office casual, smart casual or business casual. The sweater has a thinner collar so it can be worn with a tie. This makes it a good alternative to wearing a blazer OR if you need to wear a blazer, you can do so without it getting bulky. The trousers have an elastic cuff making it a tad more relaxed and casual. If it’s not appropriate for your office, simply trade it in for a pair of chinos or dark denim.

introduce knitwear into wardrobe feature image

How to Introduce Knitwear Into Your Wardrobe

Knitwear is one of those easy pieces so simple that you can forget their style impact. Sportcoats, blazers, and suits can be paired with something other than dress shirts. Start wearing them as true sportswear with sweaters and cardigans. Once you start to wear your blazer more often you’ll understand the versatility of the piece rather than saving them for special occasions.


Quick tip: This merino wool blend turtleneck is lightweight AND machine washable.

Outfit details: Gotstyle Launch – Merino Wool Blend Turtleneck $125, Gotstyle Launch – Basic Plaid Blazer w Elbow Patches $495


Quick tip: Since there’s no tie, use accessories like lapel pins and pocket squares to dress up the outfit for special events.

Outfit details: Hardy Amies – Wool/Cashmere Knit Turtleneck Sweater $685, Oliver Grey – Wool Contrast Check Suit $1295


Quick tip: To avoid too much bulk, go for thinner lightweight fabrics.

Outfit details: Selected Homme – Prince of Wales Check Blazer $250, Tiger of Sweden – Merino Wool Turtleneck Sweater $179


Quick tip: Blazers that have a bolder print might not be suitable for work so dress it down with a sweater so it works for social settings.

Outfit details: Oscar of Sweden – Birds Print Cotton Shirt $245, Sand – Merino Wool Cardigan $250, NYFS – Glen Check Peak Lapel Blazer $700


Quick tip: Another way to keep warm without the bulk is by layering a wool scarf.

Outfit details: +39 Masq – Multi Color Block Crew Neck Sweater $215, Circle of Gentlemen – Check Blazer w Wide Lapel $1000


Quick tip: We liked polo shirts during the summer and knit polo shirts continue the trend into the fall/winter season.

Outfit details: Circolo 1901 – Melange LS Polo $298, Olliver Grey – Super 110s Windowpane Check Suit $1095


Quick tip: You can go wrong with the classic crew neck sweater over a dress shirt.

Outfit details: Sand – Micro Jacquard Heart Cotton Shirt $225, Hardy Amies – Crew Neck Merino Wool Sweater $340, NYFS – Mini Plaid Peak Lapel Wool Blazer $700


Quick tip: Funky prints can either be toned down or enhanced with a solid colour sweater.

Outfit details: Circolo 1901 – Knit Turtleneck $365, Circle of Gentlemen – Velvet Floral Bird Print Blazer $900

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how to wear a dinner jacket at every age feature image

A dinner jacket exemplifies class and refinement. A well fitting dinner jacket steps any man up from feeling like Seinfeld to Don Draper.

Watching Downton Abbey you can’t help but marvel at how men used to dress for dinner. Full tuxedo’s, tails and white dinner jackets, showed respect for the company they were keeping and the meal placed before them. Though we will never get back to that level of elegance, a dinner jacket should still be an important part of every man’s well-dressed wardrobe. Wearing a dinner jacket with a tuxedo shirt and black pants is a given, but for every age, it can add new life to your evening out. Dinner Jackets communicate elegance and panache, we styled four looks to inspire how you dress for your evening events:

In your 20’s

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night, it’s game night! You’ve got 3 hours to mingle, get a number or maybe even a date home. If you want to make it easier for yourself, throw on a dinner jacket with your jeans and shirt, then sit back.

Shawl collar tuxedo Jacket

Gotstyle Shawl Collar Blue Tuxedo Jacket $795 / Selected Homme Band Collar Shirt $85 / Zanerobe Scrambler Pant $200. / A. Christensen Printed Pocket Square $45 / Gotstyle Blue Suede Shoes $295

In your 30’s

It seems like every week there is a new charity function to attend, but you relish working the room both for business and pleasure. The ladies always up their game at these events and you aim to match. Stand apart from the other guys all dressed in black with a bold color tuxedo jacket paired with a printed shirt and pants (because you can).

Burgundy peak lapel dinner jacket outfit

NYFS Tuxedo Jacket $775 / Sand Circles Shirt $225 / Hiltl Floral Painted Pants $259 / Gotstyle Double Monk Strap Shoe $295

In your 40’S

This year you’re doing the big European trip, unlike your 20’s, no hostels, only high-end boutique hotels. You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned this luxury vacation. Don’t come off as a bad tourist, look like a local and pack a dinner jacket. Chic casual is instantly achieved. Wear a sneaker to stay modern and comfortable on your trip.

Navy Blue dinner jacket outfit with sneakers.

Sand Contrast Trim Evening Jacket $850 / Sand Solid Polo Shirt $150 / Haspel White Seersucker Pant $195 Anderson Belt $175 / Garment Project Sneakers $257
In your 50’s

In your 50’s good habits are hard to break, this o.g. knows he’ll never go wrong with classic style. He’s comfortable knowing he’ll be the best-dressed guy in the room. But adds some fun with his shoe game.

Off-white shawl collar dinner jacket outfit

Gotstyle White Tuxedo Jacket $795/ Stenstroms White Tuxedo Shirt $265 / Strellson Black Pants $228 Black Bowtie $55 / Black Pocket Square $35 / The Carry-On Cocktail Kit / Tiger of Sweden Dress Slippers / Anderson’s Pebbled leather belt $160
guy with tattoos short sleeve shirt

Short Sleeve Shirt Trend

July 12, 2016

Summer 2016’s Short Sleeve Shirt Trend is simple, easy, and versatile.

We’re going to show you four different ways to wear the same shirt. The best part? The short sleeve shirt trend works for every body type!

Realistically the short sleeve shirt is not so much a trend as it is a summer essential. Why? You need shirts that are easy to wear, and that go with anything. Avoid the basic dude t-shirt and shorts uniform! Last week we talked about The Hawaiian Shirt. This week we put the spotlight on another revived classic, The Short Sleeve shirt.

Melissa Austria (Founder & Buyer) picked out one of her favorite short sleeve shirts. This one is The Malibu shirt from Tiger of Sweden.

Here’s why we love it.

  • It comes in neutral colours: white, navy and black, making it easy to style.
  • It’s lightweight and has stretch to it. (Lightweight + Stretch = Comfortable.)
  • It fits most guys. Yes, it’s one of our slim brands, but because of the stretch, big guys can wear this shirt too!
  • It’s so versatile. It can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion.

Check out how our team styled the Malibu shirt from Tiger of Sweden.

Black short sleeve shirt with black denim Matt is wearing the Malibu Short Sleeve Shirt by Tiger of Sweden $139, Nick Slim Straight Denim by $218, Classic Low-Top Leather Sneaker by Garment Project $257 and watch by Nixon

White short sleeve shirt with suit Graham is wearing the Malibu Short Sleeve Shirt by Tiger of Sweden $139, Super 130s Window Pane Notch Lapel Suit by Gotstyle $895, Linen Pocket Square by Armstrong & Wilson $65, sunglass by Spitfire $80

Tiger short sleeve shirt worn by Max
Max is wearing the Malibu Short Sleeve Shirt by Tiger of Sweden $139, Axel Slim Trouser with White Dot Twill by Moods Of Norway $299, Multi Stretch Woven Belt by Anderson’s  $190, Classic Low-Top Suede Sneaker by Garment Project $257

tiger-short-sleeve-shirt-neale Neale is wearing the Malibu Short Sleeve Shirt by Tiger of Sweden $139, Seersucker Pant by Individual $185, Multi Cotton Stretch Belt by Anderson’s $175, Tie by Common Folk $110, Tie Bar by Gentlemen of the North $30, Leather Loafers by Ted Baker $220, Hat by Van Gils $115


Proper shoe care feature image

Footwear is an investment and deserves proper shoe care

Clothing always comes with a care label. What temperature to wash it in, how to dry it, whether to iron it or not and even what colours to wash it with. However, shoes don’t seem to come with the same manual. You might wear the same shirt two days in a row but you’ll most likely wear the same pair of shoes for a whole week. They’re an investment and naturally you’d want them to live a long beautiful life. So what is the proper shoe care? We’ll go through different ways to maintain your shoes so they last.

Paradigma Shoes

Paradigma Shoes

First off, if you are still wearing square toed shoes, we have to request that you burn them (sorry, not sorry).

Major key: Look for shoes that are Goodyear welted. This allows you to replace the soles which eventually wear out so your shoes can stand the test of time. Try a pair of our Gotstyle ones, you won’t regret it.


The Basics: Waterproof, condition & polish

This is the kind of stuff that everyone generally knows is important for maintaining their shoes.

There are many products out there that do a combination of shoe maintenance. Waterproofing of your shoes should be done every six months or so.

Conditioning is something that should be done regularly. About 1-2 times a month. The reason for this is that leather is skin. A cream conditioner will keep your leather soft and keep it from cracking.

Polishing is completely subjective. Do it as often as you want depending on how shiny you like it.

Important Maintenance Tips

1. Keep your shoes dry

Even if you’ve waterproofed your shoes, the intensity of the weather is something you cannot avoid. Do your best to keep your leather shoes clean and dry. A pair of Swims Galoshes is highly recommended.

Major key: Remove any salt stains with a little vinegar and water. Apply sparingly and wipe clean with a cloth.

IF they do get wet, stuff them with newspaper immediately and keep it away from direct heat. Drying leather too fast will cause it to crack.

2. Use shoe trees

Shoes are an equally good investment. They keep the same of shoes, lowers the chances of creases and actually absorbs moisture  (think sweat) and odours. The best are unfinished cedar ones. You don’t need to own a set for each pair of shoes. The trees should be put into your shoes within 1-2 hours after you’ve taken them off and after that, they can be taken out.

3. Own a shoe horn

When you’re putting on your shoes, use a shoe horn. It’s not only about proper shoe care but also about usage. It’s easy to ruin the heels when you wiggle your feet into them.

4. Wear socks

It seems silly to put this here as part of proper shoe care but it’s a must. It creates a barrier between your feet and shoes. Leather is absorbent and adding that to wearing your shoes for a minimum of 8 hours in a day means you get sweaty and maybe even stinky feet. If you don’t like your socks showing, wear no-shows.




A common question we get is “what are lapel pins?”

Ever wonder what the purpose of a lapel pin is or what that little buttonhole in your lapel is for? We’re here to tell you.

Everyone wants to express their own individuality and accessories are the perfect way to do that. Lapel pins can be symbolic for organizations and causes or purely decorative. They have evolved from when men used to wear living flowers on their lapels called boutonnieres. One of the most popular styles are flowers made of cotton or felt which are meant to resemble boutonnieres.

Casual lapel pins with cartoon characters or funny sayings have become a huge trend. They can be worn with off-duty outfits or even with blazers and suits when it’s appropriate.

what are lapel pins: casual pins

Dead Ringers Lapel Pins available in stores

Types of Lapel Pins

The pin through/stick pin is the most common type of backing consist of a long stem and a collar to secure the pin. This pins through the buttonhole of the lapel and is the most elegant backing. Hook & Furl, a fellow Canadian brand, has some beautiful handmade ones.

what are lapel pins: hook & furl

Photo credit: Hook & Furl

The butterfly clutch is popular because you don’t necessarily need a hole in the lapel to wear one. This backing consists of a tack pin that fastens on a clutch. When both sides of the clutch are pushed, the tack pin is released. This design is favoured for casual pins because it can be pinned anywhere from hats to bags to collars to chest pockets, and etc.


Now that we have the basic knowledge of the lapel pins, we will now look at the basic rules of wearing them.

  1. A lapel pin should always be worn on your left lapel. This is so that it helps to compliment your pocket square.
  2. A lapel pin should be appropriate for the occasion. Lapel pins can come in a variety of styles and looks. Wearing a casual looking pin in a formal event would be inappropriate, and vice versa.
  3. The colour of the pin should be complimentary to the outfit. It can be used to tie in a colour scheme of an outfit.
  4. If a metal part shows on the lapel pin, it should match the metal details on your watch, tie-bar, or belt.


Whether you decide to wear a lapel pin or not, it is a great accessory to add a personalized touch to an outfit. Lapel pins don’t have to be limited to formal wear, as more casual lapel pins exist. Just remember the rules of wearing a lapel pin, and you should be able to complete the look of any outfit.