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Marshall Artist button-up cardigan $225.

As Canadians, our appreciation for sweaters is strong. We wear them for the majority of the year, so we need variety, details, and quality. The sweater selection for this fall is already looking great with lots of knits and retro details.

This Marshall Artist button-up sweater is my favourite, it’s a jacket in the fall, a sweater in the winter, and the details give it a very rustic Canadian feel.


Horst plaid shirt $110, gingham blazer $395, grey notch blazer $495.

No man can have too many Summer shirts, just like sweaters in the Winter. We’ve rounded up our favourite Summer shirts, from t-shirts to long-sleeved shirts.

Having a couple versatile shirts will carry you through the Summer. Look for shirts that can be worn both casually and more polished – collared shirts are perfect for this. You’ll be able to hang out on a patio, and run right to a meeting or go out for dinner and drinks without doing a wardrobe change.