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Tiger shirt $179, Johnny Love plaid shirt $165.

When you pack your summer clothes away, make sure your fall clothes are two things: aesthetically and functionally appropriate. Basic items like shirts will get worn every day, and they need to look right for the season (bye, bye bright summer colours) as well as be made with a heavier fabric. Think plaids, earthy colours, warm tones, and muted shades in a thicker cotton.


Farah grey woven shirt $125, Farah cords in navy or orange $125, Wolverine boots $215. 

Classic fall fabrics like corduroy make a return this year, and the drop-crotch pants are done in casual cotton and heavy chino material. The colour trend is carrying on through this season, so don’t fall into a neutral rut.

These casual pieces are a great price point for updating your wardrobe and adding some more fashion-forward pieces.


Farah grey sweater $115, Farah striped sweater $120.

The mercury is back in summer temperatures today, but sweater season is still right around the corner. There’s two reasons why the thin knit sweaters need a place in every man’s closet: early fall’s mild temperatures, and layering up  in the later fall/winter.

Here’s our first round of thin knits. They won’t break the bank, but they will give you a brighter fall and transition you through to next spring.


Johnny Love grey sportcoat $450, Johnny Love plaid sportcoat $450.

You know we’re big advocates of the sportcoat, so when we see the first sportcoats of fall arrive we can’t wait to get them on the shelves and onto our guys. The fuller tweeds, wools, and velvet details are back for fall, along with this season’s new shorter length, especially seen from Johnny Love.


Horst plaid shirt $110, gingham blazer $395, grey notch blazer $495.

No man can have too many Summer shirts, just like sweaters in the Winter. We’ve rounded up our favourite Summer shirts, from t-shirts to long-sleeved shirts.

Having a couple versatile shirts will carry you through the Summer. Look for shirts that can be worn both casually and more polished – collared shirts are perfect for this. You’ll be able to hang out on a patio, and run right to a meeting or go out for dinner and drinks without doing a wardrobe change.


Farah Vintage won the Draper Award for UK Menswear Brand of the Year in 2011. In the 1920’s, they manufactured work clothes and when the 1970s came around Farah became a cult brand among British musicians and artists. They still hold to their heritage of individual style for the non-conformist and are an affordable fashion brand for everyone.