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New Arrivals

George Frost is a unsex jewelry line founded in New York City. Co-designed by Lisa Salzer and the creative minds of Marlon Taylor-Wiles and Jon Tyler Sneden, the line infuses the past and modernity to create a timelessly stylish collection.

Unity, loyalty, and peace are the powerful and unmistakable themes of George Frost’s second collection entitled NO GOODS. Embracing the revolutionary sentiments of the 1960’s, NO GOODS draws inspiration from the anti-Vietnam war protests, as well as the civil and women’s rights movements.

Incorporating re-appropriated government currency, such as George Washington’s eye embedded in a brass cuff, as well as hidden Morse code messages on beaded necklaces and bracelets, the collection toys with the notion of watching and being watched, suggesting a subversive statement about how “free” we really are. With several items crafted out of braided horsehair and the George Frost signature harpoon clasp as a nod to Victorian mourning jewelry and handmade trench art, the pieces further emphasize the anti-war attitudes by eluding to the fallen Americans that lost their lives to a cause that many neither understood nor supported.

Read More to see full selection now available at both our Bathurst and Distillery District locations.


AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery

Fashion accessories for men is a growing trend, and no one know this better than Maor CohenWith a roster of  A-list celebrities like Johnny Depp, Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi, M. Cohen truly understand what desiging accessories for men is all about. His effortless adaptation of various materials like leather, silver, and lava beads offers an array of masculine pieces that are rough yet delicate and trendy. These bracelets are great for layering and like jeans go with virtually any outfit.

M. Cohen Beaded Bracelet (Orange, Blue, Green, Turquoise): $100

M. Cohen Vinyl Bracelet: $100

M. Cohen Beaded Bracelet W/ Feather Detail (Orange, Turquoise, Yellow, Red): $100

M. Cohen Lava Beaded Bracelet w/ Coin Charm: $134
M. Cohen Beaded Bracelet w/ Feather Detail: $160
M. Cohen Lava Beaded Bracelet: $130

M. Cohen Natural Horn Beaded Bracelet: $90
M. Cohen Turquoise Beaded Bracelet: $190
M. Cohen Buffalo Horn Beaded Bracelet: $130
M. Cohen Ebony Beaded Bracelet: $130

M. Cohen Beaded Necklace w/ Adjustable Closure (Blue & Green): $130