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Style At Any Age: The Cotton Blazer

April 27, 2014

Sport coats are one of the most diverse articles of clothing ever invented. Originally designed as a casual alternative to suits, today’s sport coats offer so much more. With a variety of fabrics, cuts and styles to choose from, this one piece can truly elevate any outfit. And the best part, they can be worn at any age, and by anyone looking to amp up their style.

To prove it, here is our latest edition of Style At Any Age where we’ve take a classic deconstructed cotton blazer and styled it suit a 20, 30, 40 & 50 year old.


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Marco Nils Cotton/Linen Blazer: $255 Shop Now

Whether you’re riding the sidewalks of Toronto on your longboard or out on casual movie date with a friend adding a light weight cotton blazer just adds that extra touch and helps you stand out from your peers. At an age where everyone around you is copying styles, you’ll be the one setting them.


Marco Nils Cotton/Linen Blazer: $255 Shop Now
JD Fisk Oxford Shoe: $188 Shop Now
Van Gils Cheval Fine Cotton Chino: $165
Anderson’s Woven Belt: $135 Shop Now

Sporting one of these coats in your 30’s establishes you as a young man that takes himself seriously. It shows that you have respect for your work environment while avoiding to look like a douche. Throwing on a sport coat gives you the most bag for your buck because it shows that you know about style without looking like you spent 3hrs every morning planning your outfit.


Marco Nils Cotton/Linen Blazer: $255 Shop Now
Ted Baker SS Gros Grain Stripe Collar Polo: $140
Lubiam Cotton Blend Plaid Pants: $195
Anderson’s Belt: $150
Swims Sport Loafer: $169 Shop Now

In your 40’s you’ve mastered the formula for success and have realized that it lives on the golf course. Whether you’re a novice or glorified pro, having the right gear is crucial. Adding a light weight cotton blazer will help keep you looking stylish in the club house and comfortable while you cruise through the course.


Marco Nils Cotton/Linen Blazer: $255 Shop Now
Haight & Ashbury Costal Spirograph Shirt: $110
Hiltl Tarent Pima Cotton Stretch Pant: $188
John Varvatos Woven Straw Fedora: $98
Lacoste Tennis Shoe: $125
Anderson’s Belt: $150 Shop Now

Let’s face it, in your 50’s you’ve seen your fair share of fashion trends, which is why you appreciate the timelessness of the sport coat. It saw you through your 20’s, 30’s, even your 40’s and it’s still here with you in your 50’s.  You came from a generation of men that knew how to dress, that took pride in the way they presented themselves  which is why it’s your responsibility to show the younger generation how it’s done.