Guest Bloggers

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport in the world but it also has the worst reputation when it comes style. As you may have noticed, Gotstyle is trying to buck the trend. Taking cues from fellow mixed martial athletes like Georges St. Pierre (who still wears his custom Gotstyle ensemble), more fighters are… [Read More]

A few weeks ago I came across Tiyana Grulovic’s article in the Globe’s style section advising women on acceptable ways to wear shorts to work. I read the article while perched on a ledge just outside of my work, guzzling an iced tea, cowering under scarce shade. It was hot. Dead hot. Sahara-desert-hot. As I… [Read More]

Pamela Hackwell, the one responsible for keeping our Gotstyle guys with a fresh new haircut to compliment their great clothes, has just re-launched her website. Pamela specializes in creative cutting and men’s barbering, she has 15+ years of creative cutting experience with an 85% male clientele making her one of Canada’s first Creative Hairstylists specializing… [Read More]