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What’s New: Black Jeans

November 4, 2011

There is no denying the role that denim plays in our lives. It is probably the single most popular and needed article of clothing in any persons closet. We wear them everywhere! But the pair I can’t live without are my black jeans. They look great, fit well, never require ironing and go with almost every outfit I could conceive. The best part is the versatility of the black jean. Unlike its popular blue counterpart, the black jean can be your best friend during the day and night. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn black skinnys during the day with t-shirts and Chucks, and then switched it up with a nice shirt, tie, and blazer combo for the evening. #lifesaver.

Now that they are available in a million different cuts and styles there is no limit to the ways you can rock them. Check out some of our favourites.

Given the lastest trend with the whole drop crotch scene, these jeans are definitely intended for a trend setting crowd. They offer a great fit with just the right amount of edge to separate you from the crowd.

Levi’s on left $148, Citizen’s of Humanity on right $.

Levi’s are Levi’s, they are the unquestioned authority when it comes to the world of denim. This brand was cool when my dad was a kid and will probably be cool when I have my kids and grandkids. Quality denim at a quality price. One thing I will say is that when trying on a pair make sure to get the size that fits just right. As with most denim, they stretch once worn and Levi’s is no exception to that rule.

John Varvatos $198.

All I have to say when it comes to John Varvatos is that if The Roots think JV is a brand worth rocking, then my friend I am not going to be one to question it. Check out JV’s Fall Campaign ft. The Roots: http://wp.me/pxoas-5dR.

Dr. Denim is a family owed denim company in Sweden, who take their denim very seriously. I love them for their slim fit chinos that are trend on with colors for this Spring and their amazingly priced sportswear items. Like the perfect jean jacket for Spring $130

If you can’t find Dr. Denim in the store look for MINEDRD (Dr. Denim spelled backwards) unfortunately when they came into North America someone already had the rights to the name!

Hudson Jeans is our latest denim brand out of the UK, with two styles for the casual guy.

First is the relaxed fit for your casual days. It features a fuller leg (for those who like it loose around the vitals) and a carpenter pocket. The latter is a dark wash denim in a slim straight fit – great for going casual and dressed up. Both jeans are great for the skinnier and bigger guys. Priced at $250 each.

Staff Picks for October

November 1, 2010

Veronica’s Pick
Scarf from DimitriChris ($325)
Saw this and fell in love. It’s soft, warm colours, and I mean look at it – who doesn’t think it’s cute!
Neale’s Pick
Sweater from Full Circle ($195)
This new sweater from Full Circle (featured tomorrow on the blog), is easy to dress up and dress down. An alternative to wearing a blazer, this sweater is made for cozy winter house parties and for the days in fall where you don’t want to wear a full jacket. Also available in lots of different styles.
Christine’s Pick
Jacket by Guilio ($35), Scarf from Vfrass ($35-55)
The price point is unbeatable. Plus you get half off a Vfrass scarf when you pick one up. It looks great on guys I get to try on for two reasons: it’s trim fit and modernizing.
Melissa C.’s Pick
Jeans from Citizens of Humanity ($195)
Loving the feel-good fabric and amazing colour. It’s cut to look flattering for the tall guys, and is the perfect pair of jeans to wear dressed up with a blazer, or down with a t-shirt.

Vylan’s Pick
Boots by Bunker ($210, left), Boots by Penguin ($175, right)
When you can’t choose a favourite item of the month, choose two! Both of these boots are great for almost every kind of style – work or play. Tuck your wool jeans into them for work. The Penguin boots look fantastic with alternative bottoms. A must have this season.

Nothing says confident more than wearing a pair of jeans from Citizens of Humanity, and it’s not just the name. Available in two washes, the dark, clean indigo denim is great for nearly anything social, while the lighter wash blue denim works best in casual and daily wear scenarios. Both are available in straight leg for $198.

Agave is the perfect option for the taller guy. It’s long on the leg and the fit is straight. The wash is grey/black, clean, without whiskers, and is therefore a solution when dressing things up for the evening. Priced at $275.

Based on a lot of requests, we’ve ordered in Christopher Bates‘ dark denim jeans ($350) and the scorpion mesh tanktop ($129) from our LG Fashion Show last year.

The self titled menswear line is a Vancouver based clothing line that takes inspiration from Christopher’s travels & study of European menswear in Italy.