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Your wallet says a lot about you. Even if you’ve got the suit, shoes, hair cut, and Rolex; a messy, worn out wallet (or no wallet at all) will turn your date right off. Or garner a few laughs from coworkers and friends. Ted Baker wallets leave no excuse for messiness, plus their durable and easy to fit in any pants or briefcase.


Arka graphic tees $39 each.

Layering, lounging at home, working out, there’s endless reasons to have graphic tees on hand. You might as well make it fun and stock up on graphic tees, especially when they fit like this. Arka graphic tees fit well and are made from cotton, so they’re breathable and very comfy to move around in.


Check sportcoat $239.

As for casual wear, Australian brand Zanerobe is our most popular line. This fall is no different, with effortless casual style that doesn’t involve hoodies or t-shirts. They’ve been consistent at taking basic casual pieces and adding just the right amount of updated details to give guys a more personal look with minimal effort.


Chelsea boot $350.

Two more shoes from Ted Baker to keep your feet looking and feeling good this winter. Let’s start off with the blue Chelsea boot, awesome for weekends and guys who have a less strict dress code during the week.

Square-toe derby $245.

For night time, formal events, and our dressier guys; there’s the basic black leather shoe with lilac accents. A shoe like this is going to get a lot of mileage, so it’s good to invest in a quality pair that’ll look good for as long as they last.

Leather collared wool coat in navy or grey $650.

Every fall and winter, Johnny Love is our most popular outerwear brand. This Norwegian brand offers guys a perfect fit, great clean detailing, and an affordable price point. Guys who prefer to keep their casual style more clean and dressed up love these jackets because they can be worn every day of the week, and out at night.