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We are really excited to introduce to you Monte & Coe,  the latest addition to our store and our accessories department. Monte & Coe is a 100% Canadian company founded by three young Torontonians Matt Montemurro, Andrew Coelho, and Ron Scarafile. These guys had one mission in mind, to develop an everyday product that stands apart. A line of bags that is suitable for 
any occasion and durable for any setting, all the while capturing an aesthetic balance, both appealing to men and women.

Each piece is hand-made in Toronto, in limited batch sizes, to ensure that it represents an unparalleled dedication to originality and versatility. Manufacturing and designs are focused around two simple raw materials: 100% vegetable tanned leather which is an ancient method that uses tannin, a plant extract, to improve durability and provide colour which is eco-friendly and 100% chemical free and wool felt that is sourced directly from a mill in Montemurlo, Italy.

We The three styles we will be carrying are the Savile, Bond and Westpoint which all retail at $429.00

Savile Row is a street in central London known for its traditional men’s bespoke
tailoring and is named after Lady Dorothy Savile, wife of the 3rd Earl of
Burlington. The term “bespoke” is understood to have originated in Savile Row
when cloth for a suit was said to “be spoken for” by individual customers.

Body: Heather Grey Wool Felt
Stripe: Multi-coloured
Interior: Navy Gingham

The United States Military Academy at West Point is one of the most prestigious
academic and military institutions in the world. Admission to Westpoint is one
of the most competitive processes among these institutions. Once accepted,
cadets must adhere to the Cadet Honor Code: “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal,
or tolerate those who do.”

Body: Cotton Camouflage Canvas
Stripe: Beige Wool Felt
Interior: Orange Microsuede

Bond Street is a major shopping destination in the West End of London that,
historically, was best known for art dealers and antique shops. Many of the shops
are now occupied by high-end fashion boutiques making it one of the most posh
shopping destinations in the world. Presence on the strip is regarded as de
rigueur for any brand wishing to proclaim the highest international standing.

Body: Navy Blue Wool Felt
Stripe: Multi-coloured
Interior: Orange Microsuede


No matter the time of year or season people are always looking for great gift ideas. The Wallstreeter by Stolen Riches is what we call “Style In A Box”. This great gift set comes with 3 colourful laces, a gingham check pocket square, and a matching lapel pin. Retailing for $98, what man wouldn’t want this?!

Stolen Riches – The Wallstreeter – 3 Laces, 1 Pocket Square & Lapel Pin: $98

Stolen Riches – The Wallstreeter – 3 Laces, 1 Pocket Square & Lapel Pin: $98

Stolen Riches – The Wallstreeter – 3 Laces, 1 Pocket Square & Lapel Pin: $98

Stolen Riches How To Fold A Pocket Square

Fashion accessories for men is a growing trend, and no one know this better than Maor CohenWith a roster of  A-list celebrities like Johnny Depp, Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi, M. Cohen truly understand what desiging accessories for men is all about. His effortless adaptation of various materials like leather, silver, and lava beads offers an array of masculine pieces that are rough yet delicate and trendy. These bracelets are great for layering and like jeans go with virtually any outfit.

M. Cohen Beaded Bracelet (Orange, Blue, Green, Turquoise): $100

M. Cohen Vinyl Bracelet: $100

M. Cohen Beaded Bracelet W/ Feather Detail (Orange, Turquoise, Yellow, Red): $100

M. Cohen Lava Beaded Bracelet w/ Coin Charm: $134
M. Cohen Beaded Bracelet w/ Feather Detail: $160
M. Cohen Lava Beaded Bracelet: $130

M. Cohen Natural Horn Beaded Bracelet: $90
M. Cohen Turquoise Beaded Bracelet: $190
M. Cohen Buffalo Horn Beaded Bracelet: $130
M. Cohen Ebony Beaded Bracelet: $130

M. Cohen Beaded Necklace w/ Adjustable Closure (Blue & Green): $130



A watch is more than just a timepiece, much like a car is more than just a mode of transportation. It is a fashion accessory, and just like your shoes, can make or break your outfit. Also, let’s not forget that a watch is quite often a great reflection of the owners character. What kind of man are you?

The TSOVET brand is heavily influenced by the industrial and aerospace design aesthetic. They infuse the old and new to bring quality watches with a great vintage feel. From the avionic instrumentation/gauges to the classic textured leather straps, these watches are a great addition to any mans collection or perhaps the first for those looking to start.

Check out these new arrivals by TSOVET and see which one best fits your personality.

Black Dial, Bezel with Black Leather Band: $525
Silver Dial, SS Case/Bezel, Textures Leather Band: $495

Black Dial, Brushed Gold Case/Bezel with Black Leather Band: $475

Matte Grey Dial, Matte Gold Case/Bezel with Brown Leather Band: $395
Silver Dial, SS Case/Bezel with Brown Leather Band: $350

Sunray Dial, SS Case/Bezel with Black or Brown Leather Band: $360


Your wallet says a lot about you. Even if you’ve got the suit, shoes, hair cut, and Rolex; a messy, worn out wallet (or no wallet at all) will turn your date right off. Or garner a few laughs from coworkers and friends. Ted Baker wallets leave no excuse for messiness, plus their durable and easy to fit in any pants or briefcase.


Dip dyed underwear $32 per pair.

We talk a lot about the fit of suits, shirts, and jeans; but we don’t often discuss underwear. Saxx is all about technology and underwear, and if the rest of your outfit fits right, so should your underwear. These dip-dyed ombre pairs may look purely aesthetic, but they’re constructed with comfort and technology first. A moisture-wicking waistband, seamless pouch, soft cotton material, and non-restictive support pouch work together to feel like a perfectly tailored suit for your package.