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We get it, you’re not new to the style game. You’ve got the jersey blazer and have been rocking the jogger look since last year. So what’s new for you this Spring 2015?  Press play and see Melissa’s latest style video where she breaks down the top three 2015 Spring Trends for the modern man. From the updated… [Read More]


Spring is here gentlemen and it’s time we started dressing like it. Forget those plaids and flannels and opt for lighter, brighter, bolder shirts for the season. Check out Melissa’s latest style tips video where she identifies three key shirts every man needs in his closet for the season. From classic solids to bold botanicals, it’s… [Read More]


Spring is here which means for many it’s time to clean out that closet and get ready for another great year of fashion, style, and fun. But before you go all gung-ho on acquiring the latest trends let’s start with a healthy wardrobe. As we all know step one to a healthy and stylish wardrobe begins with purging all the… [Read More]

Style Tips

Spring cleaning is something most people talk about but few actually take the time to implement. We can’t stress enough how important “Spring Cleaning” is for the health of your wardrobe and your personal style. Here’s Melissa, Founder of Gotstyle with another style tips video to walk you through some key tips and tricks every… [Read More]


With the world of menswear changing and evolving on the daily, it is understandable that many guys find it challenging to keep up with all the latest trends and styles. Fortunately, as with most things in menswear there are some basic ground rules that never quite change. This is especially true in the world of mens… [Read More]