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Bring your shorts’ ease of wear to an almost inappropriate level with these Saxx boxers. The dedicated underwear company combines serious technology and innovation with fine fabrics, comfort and style for a luxurious fit that is utterly addictive.


On a fishing trip in Alaska, our inventor experienced intense chafing that left him wondering why men’s underwear wasn’t designed for how men are actually built. When he returned, he couldn’t shake the notion that a better design was possible. He teamed up with a designer and started brainstorming and working on prototypes. On the fourteenth attempt they combined four key innovations resulting in a new level of comfort and performance.


Every pair of SAXX features a combination of technology and innovation that makes them the most comfortable, high-performance underwear ever made. The Articulated Front Pouch and Patented Internal Mesh Panels combine to give you the room you need, while preventing unwanted friction. Each pair also features a Moisture Wicking Waistband that keeps you dry when the temperature rises. Lastly, we use a wide range of cutting edge technical fabrics, each with a specific feature to enhance your wearing experience.

Underwear is always an easy gift. New in-store this week is underwear from SAXX, an underwear line that uses advanced meshing and innovation for maximum comfort and breathing.

Designed with a thin breathable mesh, Saxx Comfort Side Panels are a design innovation in men’s underwear – providing men with contact free comfort, support and a great feel.

The (2) parallel side panels are made of a breathable Nylon/Spandex mesh which contours to the natural shape of men and is entirely flexible. Never restrictive or tight, they offer support when needed and keep men cool and dry.

The Saxx Comfort Side Panels create an unduplicated environment of comfort.

You’ve been invited to come upstairs and now it’s the moment of truth – you are about to get naked! Are you going to ruin the mood when you drop down to your briefs?

We have an idea – show yourself off in your Naked Boxer Briefs! Available in black, these boxers are made from Italian microfibre and provide a sensual feel to the skin. It’s touted as a man’s lingerie. And you can pick up your own for your lucky nights for $35.

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Photos courtesy of our attendees above!