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Gotstyle hits a home-run on the cover of The Bay St Bull with #19 Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays. In this latest issue The Bay St Bull celebrates Canada by going coast-to-coast to put together their Power 50 list which features some of the coolest people, places and things that are shaping this country. Needless to say #19 was at the top of their list. In this exclusive feature Jose Bautista gives a candid interview where he talk about his early year, his rise to stardom, lessons learned along the way and how he finds balance between it all.  Click here to read the full article.

Now lets talk a little bit about his style. For this feature story, we pulled together looks that would challenge what we normally see from Jose while still working within his comfort zone. As such we worked heavily with versatile pieces like the jersey blazer, paired with modern chinos, polos, and short sleeve buttons ups. While stepping it up a notch by introducing  the bold windowpane suit to showcase Jose’s bold adventurous side. Just because he’s in uniform most days doesn’t mean the man doesn’t love to dress up when given the chance. And we intentionally kept the colour pallet blue for obvious reasons.

Credits: Photographer: Ishmil Waterman MUA: Demi Valentine Styling: Sharad Mohan


Gotstyle Private Label Suit: $995, Ted Baker Shirt: $165, Strellson Tie: $100, Anderson’s Belt: $150


SAND jacket, $695, Circle of Gentlemen shirt: $255, Hook & Albert lapel flower: $30, Ted Baker pants: $255, Anderson’s belt: $150, DIBI knit tie: $45, DION pocket square 3 for $30, Van Gils Boots: $250


SAND jacket, $695, Circle of Gentlemen shirt: $255, Hook & Albert lapel flower: $30, Ted Baker pants: $255, Anderson’s belt: $150, DIBI knit tie: $45, DION pocket square 3 for $30


Ted Baker floral polo, $140, Blue industry jersey blazer: $290, Alberto pants, $225, Anderson’s belt: $150


We’re back at it again- giving you a behind the scenes look at our SS’16 buying season in New York city! Now if you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat you would’ve seen tons of #BTS action from our trip- if you didn’t, well that’s what this blog post is for. To add context to some of those moments and to help illustrate the realities behind buying collections for a season. To most people that aren’t in the industry buying season sounds like an incredibly fun thing. Traveling from city to city, meeting reps from some of your favourite brands and who can forget being wined and dined at some great restaurants along the way. Though on the surface this all maybe true (as you may have seen on our social media) there is definitely a lot more to the experience. Here’s your behind the scenes access to how we navigated 5 trade shows and several buying appointments in just 30 hrs.


Day 1: While Melissa arrived a few days earlier, the rest of us arrived in NYC bright and early on Tuesday July 21st. Wake up time was 5am, departure from Toronto’s downtown Island airport was 7:30am. Upon arriving we headed straight to The Dream hotel to drop our bags and to connect with Melissa and Phil. After grabbing a quick bite and a desperate cup of coffee we headed straight to Capsule Show where we zipped through over 200 brands in just 2hrs. Note we ended up picking up some great Australian and Brit brands to add to our roster, so look out for those. From there, we dashed across town (literally to the other end) where we arrived at Liberty Fairs. Another hectic show, where we connected with some usual suspects like Zanerobe, made in Canada brand Outclass, and PRPS just to name a few. The highlight of this stretch was definitely our one-on-one interview with Luke Scott, head designer for Zanerobe and getting his insights on the brands heritage and future ambitions- stay tuned for that video coming soon. From Liberty we jumped to Projects, MRkt and Agenda which were all fortunately under one roof at the Jacob Javits Centre.


Now imagine, there are on average 200 vendors at each show, we did 5 shows, which means we went through about 1000 brands in the span of 6hrs. Talk about making hard decisions. Fortunately, with Melissa at the helm we usually have a pretty clear idea about what brands we want to connect with which as you can imagine really helps manage our time most efficiently. The great thing about Melissa is that though she has a preferred list she’s always on the prowl to find new brands to cater to our customers and help grow the Gotstyle brand. Suffice it to say, we definitely found a few of those at the Project Show this year. Once we finished our appointment with brands like Haspel, Hardy Amies, Todd Snyder et al, we headed back to our hotel to freshen up so we’d be ready for the Elevnty cocktail preview and Zanerobe after party in Soho. You can image how crazy that got!

Day 2: Started sharp at 9am which when we had our first appointment with one of our favourite brands Eidos Napoli at the gorgeous New York Palace Hotel. Skim through the pics below to see snaps of their incredible SS’16 collection. The colours, patterns, textures and textiles will definitely have you drooling next season. Following Eidos preview we headed to check a few unusual suspects- without giving away too many trade secrets Gotstyle is definitely exploring some new brands that offer a completely different aesthetic to what we normally carry. We strongly feel that the Gotstyle man is evolving and we want to do our part to nurture that exploration. Hint: the brands are subtly visible in the photo album below.


Alas, at 4pm our day finally came to a close but not really because now we have to head back to the hotel, grab our bags and head straight to the airport. And there you have it, 5 tradeshows, over 1000 brands in just 30hrs. That was easy!


Ever wake up and have no clue how to handle your manly mane? Well, thanks our resident barber extraordinaire Pamela Hackwell we bring you this great editorial designed to teach you how to get 4 distinct looks from just one cut. From daytime casual to black-tie sheek, here’s how to get the most out of your hair cut.


J. Lindeberg Jersey Bomber: $200, Benson Revers Hawaii Print T-Shirt: $98, HH Hair Hold: $41, HH Hair Shaper: $41


Easy Rider (or “toss those curls”)

How to get the look: Towel dry to start. In the palm of your hand take 1/3 Hair Hold and 2/3 Hair Shaper (size of a quarter) spread all over palms and massage into hair. Toss hair into position and allow to dry. DO NOT TOUCH until almost completely dry. Then rake fingers through hair to loosen it up for height and softness. DO NOT over tweak or you will end up with fuzz.


PYA Long Sleeve Henley: $85, SAND 3D Micro Print Blazer: $725, HH Hair Hold: $41, HH Hair Pomade: $42


Man Up (or “elevation and direction”)

How to get the look: Towel dry to start. Take a quarter-sized amount of Hair Hold, rub it between palms and apply to your hair. Starting at the crown take 1-inch sections and hold straight up while blow-drying each section. This creates elevation. Then apply Pomade to create the desired amount of texture and direction. Always start with a dime-sized amount warmed between the fingers and then raked through the hair.

**For extra texture take random pieces of hair and give a 1/2 rotation.


Tiger of Sweden Suit: $889, Stenstroms Dress Shirt: $249, Ted Baker Tie: $95, HH Hair Hold: $41, HH Hair Shaper: $41, HH Hair Pomade: $42


Safe Bet (or “you can’t go wrong with the side part”)

How to get the look: Towel dry to start. Create your side part with the help of a finger comb. If you are going to blow dry, apply a little Hair Hold to keep hair in place. Otherwise, comb hair into place and allow to dry naturally. About 3/4 of the way, rub a dime sized amount of Hair Shaper into palms and apply to hair for light texture and more control. If you have a lot of hair, you might want to use Pomade to secure the part.


Tiger of Sweden Nedvin Suit: $849, SAND Micro Print Shirt: $249, Doro Lapel Flower: $19, HH Shampoo: $39, HH Conditioner: $39


Slick Dick (or “ drive handsome home”)

How to get the look: Towel dry to start. To lock your hair in place apply a quarter sized amount of Hair Hold to your hair, slick back and blow dry until completely dry. Many guys often make the mistake of applying product to the hair when damp and flying out the door only to find that when the hair finally dries it refuses to stay put. For a dry slick take a dime sized amount of Hair Shaper, rub into palms and run over top of hair to position. If you prefer the wet look, take a quarter-sized amount of Pomade, rub into palms and run completely through your hair. For a “natural” look use your hands. But the crisp, classic slick is best achieved by using a fine toothcomb.

Product Description: HOMME by Hackwell

HOMME by Hackwell is specifically designed for men with certified organic ‘Wild Harvest’ extracts of the purest, cleanest forms for cleaning, moisturizing and rebuilding. Airy citrus notes with hints of ylang ylang essential oil freshen and reinvigorate the skin. The formulation of HOMME products came from Hackwell’s years of experience studying and treating men’s skin and hair needs. Her goal is to create a line that uses the highest- grade ingredients available with no contaminants that prove to have potent results on men.


Don’t be two-faced, be four-faced because no one likes a basic b%$#h! Just like you wouldn’t wear the same outfit to work that you wore to your buddy’s wedding (unless it’s the morning walk of shame in which case, good on you). Why would you wear the same watch to every occasion? Watches like any other article of clothing or accessory in your closet serve a purpose and when paired together properly can make all the difference. Like we’ve said it a million times the devil is in the details so don’t skimp out.


With it’s rugged construction, stainless steel band and dual-eyed chronograph, the Ranger Chrono is possibly cooler than you are.

-Socially Inclined-

Make an impression with the bold dials and distinctive look of The Sentry 38. It’s understated size and simple design suggest you always know what’s up.

-All Business-

The custom-built chronograph and unmistakable crown design of The Sentry Chrono says you mean business and you have impeccable taste.

-Never Too Formal-

On the rare occasion there is cause to be beautifully badass. The ceramic inlays and high polish stainless steel finish of the Anthem will help.


The defining moment of a man’s sartorial acumen comes when he masters the way in which he pairs his suit, shirt and tie. Learning to successfully match these elements is an undeniable art. Fortunately it’s one you can easily master. Here are your 5 tips on how to match your suit, shirt and tie during your work week.




Match a detail in the tie with the dominant colour of the shirt.



Vary pattern type. Avoid having the same pattern appear in both your shirt and your tie.



Your Tie (typically) should always be darker than your shirt.



When outfitting with a suit or blazer- ensure that 2 of the 3 items have the same colour scheme

How-To-Match-Your-Shirt-Suit-Tie-4 – FRIDAY TIP –

Always pair larger patterns with smaller ones. Avoid mixing patterns that have identical proportions.


Forget about 9 to 5 style and relish in the joys of patio season attire. Whether it’s a classy garden party or wild pig roast, here are your 5 summer essentials to lounge in style.


1. The Unconstructed Blazer

Keep the look, lose the weight. Dress it up or down, a deconstructed blazer is the answer to all your sweaty style problems.

Outfit Details: Vito Bowie Tooth Embroidered Stitch Blazer $198, Tiger of Sweden Cotton Linen Crew Neck T-shirt 129,  John Varvatos Bowery White 5 Pocket Pant $188, Anderson’s Woven Belt $135, buy now.


2. Light Denim

Keep it light, not tight. These aren’t your dad’s jeans. Rock’em, roll’em, get down and garden in them. A little dirt never hurt anybody.

Outfit Details: DL1961 Russel Slim Denim $215, Mood’s Of Norway Kristian Vik Embroidered Polka Dot Shirt $159, Anderson’s Woven Belt $135 buy now.


3. Duffel Bag

Don’t check it, duffle it. Stay-cation or vacation- a weekender is the answer to packing light and right for a quick and easy getaway. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Outfit Details: J.Lindeberg Leopard Print Polo $125, Vito Solid Cotton Short $89 buy now, Anderson’s Woven Belt $135, Monte & Coe Duffel Wool Felt Bag $389 buy now.


4. Updated Swim trunks

A cut above. A swimsuit that fits will give you confidence, make you look trimmer and even out those tan lines. In this case, shorter is better.

Outfit Details: Benson Anchors Print Swim Shorts $98, buy now


5. Bold Floral Shirt

Be a big, bold, no umbrella in your cocktail type of flower. People will comment, but that’s kind of the point.

Outfit Details: Circle of Gentleman Botanical Print Shirt $300, The Daily Chino Pant $95 buy now, Anderson’s Woven Belt $135, buy now.