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Our Men’s Closet Clean Up Service

January 24, 2017

Gotstyle’s men’s closet clean up service to the rescue…

Find yourself staring at a closet full of clothes but still reach for the same five pieces every week? Wouldn’t you like to have an organized closet that makes getting ready a breeze?

You invest in your clothes so make the most of it with Gotstyle’s new men’s closet clean up service. One of our many ways to improve your life.

How does it work?

Our detail oriented menswear stylist and closet maven, Tia Katz, will come to your home and go through every clothing item you own. Everything will be sorted into 3 piles: yes, maybe and no.

You keep the yes, make alterations to the maybe and donate the no pile. Simple. Once that’s done, Tia will work with you to put together looks with what’s left. That way you’re inspired and have fresh ideas of what to wear.

This will streamline your closet and when she’s finished, she will have a recommended list of items you should add to optimize what you already own.

The service is $100 for 2 hours plus you get a gift card for $75.

Get Started

It’s easy: email her at, set up a quick one on one meeting at the store and then book a time for her to come and make your life better (trust me an organized closet is an organized mind!).


Quick Closet Clean Up Tips

  • Be honest with yourself: Do you still wear it? Does it fit?
  • Keep your sentimental items down to a manageable amount.
  • Have someone with you at the appointment to give you a second opinion.

Here are some #ClosetGoals to get you inspired

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Photo: ClosetMaid


Photo: California Closets

Photo: California Closets