What’s New: Graphic T-Shirts by Lucky Seven, Howe, Paste

June 22, 2012

Lucky Seven white t-shirt $55, Lucky Seven blue t-shirt $49.

Basic t-shirts are the staple of every guy’s Summer wardrobe. They’re good for layering, easy to mix into outfits, wear well, and are versatile. By now you’ve all got your solid colours, so here’s some graphic tees new to our shelves that’ll switch up your Summer look.

Lucky Seven black t-shirt $49, Howe mint green t-shirt $45.

Keep your graphic tees fitted, and go with whichever graphics you’re comfortable with. The great thing about keeping your wardrobe simple, is how versatile your staples are. Graphic tees are good for the beach, bars, patio lunches, weekends, and being outdoors.

Paste t-shirts $55 each. 

Paste t-shirts $55 each.