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If you’ve ever wondered what to wear to a film festival we have the answer.

You can’t actually wear jeans and a t-shirt to a movie this time of year.

If you’re going anywhere in Toronto this week you better bring your style A-game. With a week full of events, movie screenings, celebrity sitings, and after parties, you’re going to need to look good to get in.

Here are four looks that should get you through this week’s red carpets, movie premieres, celeb sightings and after parties.

Classic Twist

We’re all about a classic twist. That’s when classic pieces are done a little differently. Canadian Designer Hussien X. Dalla is really good at it. That’s probably why The Weekend can’t stop wearing his pieces.

Works For: Red Carpet, After Parties, The Party

Red Tuxedo Jacket

Dalla Tuxedo Jacket

Outfit Details: Philippe Dubuc – Slim Fit Dress Shirt $195, Dalla – Velvet Shawl Lapel Tuxedo $1299, Dion – Pocket Square $40, GS Launch – Five Eye Cap Toe Derby Shoe $195

The Gentleman

You’re not as young as the new guys out there but you practically wrote the book on how to party. Show up with a very now fashion statement that tells ’em whos boss.

Works For: Movie screenings, Opening Parties, The After Party, Hotel Lobby Pre-Drinks

Outfit Details: Gotstyle – Windowpane Notch Lapel Wool Blazer $725, Tiger of Sweden – Merino Wool Turtleneck $179, Doro – Lapel Pin $19, A. Christensen – Pocket Square $45, Paradigma – Fancy Suede/Leather Brogue $375

Turtle Neck and Blazer

Fashion Guy

You’ve done it all before and you’re wondering how to stop them in their tracks this year? This asymmetrical crosshatch suit is one way to do it. A wax like finish and modern cut make you the life of the party.

Works For: Opening Night Parties, Dinner, Red Carpet, After Parties

Outfit Details: Philippe Dubuc – Cross Hatch Fashion Suit $1295

Cross hatched suit

Mr. Always On The Scene 

You go out all the time, so why would this week be any different? If a suit just ain’t your steez don’t fake it, people can tell! Instead ask, what would John Bon Jovi do? All black skinny jeans fitted t-shirt to send the ultimate I’m on the list vibes. Do you boo-boo, you’re getting in any way.

Outfit Details: Neuw – Classic Perfecto Berlin Leather Jacket $698, Vitaly – Fishtail Long Tee $44, John Varvatos – Bowery Slim Straight Leg Fit Jeans $248, Gotstyle – Sleek Chelsea Boot $295

Works For: The Films, Opening Night, After Parties, Parties,

guy leather jacket and black shirt

If you still don’t know what to wear, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll solve your style emergency. Follow us on Instagram for daily style inspiration.

couch surfing casual style feature image


There ain’t no shame in couch surfing

Even the wealthiest of Torontonians can be found shacking up in a friend of a friend’s swanky New York loft in order to take in the full Big Apple experience. Whether saving a few dollars or not, we will show you how to feel confident, comfortable, and look like you’ve got it together as you hop from sofa to sofa.

couch surfing 1

Oversized tufted sectionals make for some of the best makeshift beds for guests! Grab a big duvet, and feel right at home. Kick up, relax and play it casual cool with this navy stunner. You may even feel so inclined to have some friends over when the host is away, but our advice is think again because really, who has time to change into pants anyway.

Outfit details: Champion for Todd Snyder T-shirt $85 / Champion for Todd Snyder Zip Up $225 / Wheelers Shorts $135 / Ted Baker Sandals $75 / Nixon Watch $175


This downtown loft has it all. If you find yourself in a spot with furniture worth more than your mortgage, sprawling windows and silk rugs you are afraid to step on, then bring your A-Game and learn a few tips of the trade from your host during your stay. Spend your days and nights lounging in a refined, ready to take on anything, sporty look – sans the game and pizza boxes of course.

Outfit details: Cahill Bomber $235 / Selected T-shirt $55 / Champion Cargo Sweatpants $198 / New Balance Sneakers $100 / Neighburr Baseball Cap $74


If you have friends with a picturesque locale in the North of Vermont or the backwoods of Muskoka, make sure you pack for an intellectual time. Sophisticated comfort is the key here, make sure to take notes from your good ol’ pops. Here we take couch surfing and bring it next level- to the chair. Grab the clicker, a great book and a gin and tonic while you cozy up for a great stay.

Outfit details: Blue Industry Sweatshirt $120 (layered over) / Zanerobe White T-shirt $50 / John Varvatos Sweatpants $148 / Garment Project Sneakers $257 / Neighburr Baseball Cap $74 / Daniel Wellington Watch $265

spring wardrobe fashion trends feature image

4 Looks to Incorporate Into Your Spring Wardrobe

Photos by Patrick Lacsina

1. Botanical Prints

These aren’t feminine florals. They’re brass botanical prints that make sure you don’t get lost in a crowd… after all it is a jungle out there.

spring wardrobe botanical prints

Outfit details: Lords and Fools Blazer $649 / Outclass Shirt $185 / Individual Seersucker Pant $185 / Anderson Belt $175 

2. 70’s Night Out

If you want to own the night, then go out with some swagger. And no decade had more swagger than the 70’s – bold peak lapels with even bolder prints, men were men and weren’t afraid to show off.

spring wardrobe 70s night out

Outfit details: NYFS Check Blazer $695 / Oscar Shirt $225 / Van Gils Pants $225 / Paradigma Tan Brogue $375 / Anderson Belt $198

3. 50’s Casual Style

The one thing guys need to learn is casual does not have to mean sloppy. You can be comfortable and look smart at the same time. Think Don Drapper in Hawaii. Trust us. Bowling shirts, polo’s and short(er) shorts will do more justice than logo shirts and board shorts ever will.

spring wardrobe 50s casual style

Outfit details: Dimattia Polo $150 / John Varvatos Shorts $138 / Anderson Belt $175

4. Lightweight Sweaters

Who wears a sweater in the summer? You can! Chilly nights on a patio are a great time to wear a light sweater or layered under a blazer instead of a t-shirt for smart casual style. Even better, if you’ve been working out… they hug and drape in all the right places.

spring wardrobe lightweight sweaters

Outfit details: LAB Sweater $225 / Haspel Seersucker Pant $288 / New Balance Retro Sneaker $100

mr steal your grandma feature image

Irvin Randle, an Older Gentleman Is Dubbed Mr Steal Your Grandma on Instagram

Sure, there is a new thing trending every day on Instagram and Twitter but this one we could not avoid.

Photographs of a 54-year-old gentleman in stylish outfits circulated around Facebook and Twitter as people asked: “Whose grandpa is this?” He even inspired a hashtag: #MrStealYourGrandma.

Social media seems to be a thing for the youth but Mr. Randle seems to show otherwise. There are a few things you can learn from this dapper man.

1. It never hurts to wear a suit

Mr Steal Your Grandma manages to be the best dressed at a more casual/social function by wearing a suit. He keeps it from getting too formal with no tie and white sneakers. He gets bonus points by adding some colour with his lapel pin and pocket square.

2. Don’t be afraid to keep your fit modern

One of the biggest reasons why his style is so on point is he keeps the fit of his outfits trim. Some of you might argue that he is in good shape but it’s crucial to keep in mind that even if you’re not at his level, oversized or ill-fitting clothes is never flattering. It really helps to dress for your body type and look for clothes with a modern fit.

3. A blazer goes a long way

We cannot stress enough what a blazer can do for your outfit. It instantly upgrades any outfit you have by bridging the gap between business and casual wear. It works for dates, brunches, drinks with the boys, weddings, just about anything that can use a little more effort and sophistication. Really, the list of why you should wear a blazer can go on.

4. When in doubt, tuck it in

If you’ve been following along with our blog for a while, you know we always suggest not to show up to an event with an untucked shirt. Sure Irvin could’ve worn his denim shirt untucked and it probably would’ve looked fine. However, he took it to the next level by button it up all the way and tucking it into a pair of slacks with a belt. Small details like this really add style and class to any outfit. If you have to be somewhere and you don’t know what to wear, we highly recommend this look.

5. Age is but a number

Last but definitely not least is that having good style is ageless. The ultimate lesson you can learn from Mr Steal Your Grandma is you’re never too young or too old to dress well, look good and do great things. Never let that restrict you from trying new things or wanting the best for yourself.

A common question we get is “what are lapel pins?”

Ever wonder what the purpose of a lapel pin is or what that little buttonhole in your lapel is for? We’re here to tell you.

Everyone wants to express their own individuality and accessories are the perfect way to do that. Lapel pins can be symbolic for organizations and causes or purely decorative. They have evolved from when men used to wear living flowers on their lapels called boutonnieres. One of the most popular styles are flowers made of cotton or felt which are meant to resemble boutonnieres.

Casual lapel pins with cartoon characters or funny sayings have become a huge trend. They can be worn with off-duty outfits or even with blazers and suits when it’s appropriate.

what are lapel pins: casual pins

Dead Ringers Lapel Pins available in stores

Types of Lapel Pins

The pin through/stick pin is the most common type of backing consist of a long stem and a collar to secure the pin. This pins through the buttonhole of the lapel and is the most elegant backing. Hook & Furl, a fellow Canadian brand, has some beautiful handmade ones.

what are lapel pins: hook & furl

Photo credit: Hook & Furl

The butterfly clutch is popular because you don’t necessarily need a hole in the lapel to wear one. This backing consists of a tack pin that fastens on a clutch. When both sides of the clutch are pushed, the tack pin is released. This design is favoured for casual pins because it can be pinned anywhere from hats to bags to collars to chest pockets, and etc.


Now that we have the basic knowledge of the lapel pins, we will now look at the basic rules of wearing them.

  1. A lapel pin should always be worn on your left lapel. This is so that it helps to compliment your pocket square.
  2. A lapel pin should be appropriate for the occasion. Lapel pins can come in a variety of styles and looks. Wearing a casual looking pin in a formal event would be inappropriate, and vice versa.
  3. The colour of the pin should be complimentary to the outfit. It can be used to tie in a colour scheme of an outfit.
  4. If a metal part shows on the lapel pin, it should match the metal details on your watch, tie-bar, or belt.


Whether you decide to wear a lapel pin or not, it is a great accessory to add a personalized touch to an outfit. Lapel pins don’t have to be limited to formal wear, as more casual lapel pins exist. Just remember the rules of wearing a lapel pin, and you should be able to complete the look of any outfit.

Hawaiian shirt trend


People would’ve laughed if anyone predicted the Hawaiian shirt trend would be a thing in 2016

By now we’ve learned that fashion fads or trends make full circles. But who would’ve guessed that these Hawaiian shirts that were once upon a time, considered tacky are now back in style? Just like a lot of trends, the Hawaiian shirt has gotten a modern upgrade.

How to Rock the Hawaiian Shirt Trend

hawaiian shirt trend harry styles

It would be no surprise that Harry Styles was one of the first celebs seen rocking this trend. Aside from his laidback attitude, here are some tips on how to rock this trend:

1. Skip shirts that are stiff and boxy. Look for one with a trim fit in a softer fabric. It will sit better on the body.

2. An air tie (buttoned all the way up) keeps the look more social/smart casual. Keeping a couple buttons undone is more relaxed and edgy. Layering it opened with a tee underneath breaks up the print and also works well for the beach.


3. Avoid looking like an uncool dad (sorry) or a tourist (sorry) by skipping the cargo shorts with giant pockets. Try a pair of skinny jeans- ripped ones give it a more rock ‘n’ roll feel. Or try a pair of chinos, it will add sophistication to the look.

4. Big wild prints work. What doesn’t work is when the colour palette is all over the place. You’ll notice that modern Hawaiian shirts don’t overdo the tiki/vacation theme.

5. You can go untucked or tucked. Again it depends on the look you’re going for. If you go tucked, wear a belt.

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