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The three piece suit, that we dressed Georges St. Pierre in, will give any guy tons of wardrobe options!

His suit was Not Your Father’s Suit from Montreal available in blue and grey for $995.
We also have a Drykorn 3 piece suit in light grey for $895.
And suit seperates from Haight & Ashbury in navy cotton, denim and seersucker. Blazer $295, Pant $150, Vest $95

A few weeks ago I started a Style Tips Q&A called “Ask a Stylist” to help alleviate some of the men’s style concerns our customers and readers have.

However I’m not a stylist, which is my best excuse for not filmed in this video blog segment. Also, the last time I was put in front of a camera was at a Virgin Mobile party where I made a complete drunk fool of myself. I don’t do well on the spotlight.

After spending a few weeks chasing Melissa down with a camcorder (to no avail), I went to our next best person, Vylan. She’s one of our top stylists and owner of Better Man Inc., a personal stylist company. And she rocks on camera.

Email your style questions to tips@gsmen.com so we can help put to rest some big questions you may have!

“One of life’s great conundrums.. Tie, Pocket Square, or Bow-tie? And more importantly, Pocket Square + Tie? Or Pocket square when you’re going sans neckwear? What’s the correct etiquette, @gotstyle?”

-John E.

“I have a silvery/grey, cotton/silk suit. What colour shirt and shoes do you suggest?”

-Ian L.

“How many pairs of a shoes should a man have?”

-Michael H.

Next week, we’ll run a question from Stephen C. (sorry we ran out of time on recording day!). He had a great question which I’m looking forward to answering for you with Vylan!

Here’s a question. I work in a creative company, where even the bosses tend to dress in jeans and a casual button-up shirt.

What’s the best way to dress with some style, but not stand out as the “square” just because I might want to wear something other than denim?

In the meantime, send us your style questions!

Style is what you make it. But there are going to be some days where you’ll need someone to tell you how to tie a tie, or what kind of shoes to wear with a navy suit.

Send your style questions to tips@gsmen.com and we’ll get one of our stylists to answer them back. The really good questions will get video blogged by Melissa and put on YouTube!

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Ask a Stylist, Part 1 (VIDEO): Style Tips on Pocket Square Etiquette, Silver/Grey Suit Options, and Shoe Quantities

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If you’re wondering where the inspiration for this image came from (and how I got Melissa to agree to it), it’s from the Chappelle Show. Watch it here!

Your scent means everything. So it’s important as the modern man to make sure the air around you is pleasant for those closest to you. From this month’s GQ, here are 10 reminders when applying your cologne:

  1. Spraying in the air and walking through it doesn’t work. 90% of the spray ends up on the floor.
  2. When spraying the cologne on your wrists, apply it half an inch away. Maybe even remove the nozzle and dab with your middle finger.
  3. You aren’t just restricted to your wrists and neck. Try it on your shoulders or forearms of your suit jacket. Moving your arms will extend your scent further from your base.
  4. Never put your scent where her tongue could land. You know how rancid that stuff tastes like?
  5. A cologne bottle is not a shower-on-the-go. Don’t be that guy in the subway.
  6. Swapping colognes for the season is about as optional as alternating watches based on the time of day. You want people to remember you by your scent. No need to complicate things for them.
  7. You may respray your cologne throughout the course of the day, depending on how long it lasts on you. Upping your dose is fully dependent on the type of cologne and how your skin reacts with it. Just remember to start minimal, then increase.
  8. Cheap deodorant can kill the vibe. Look for neutral rather than the locker room smell. Besides, who pairs cheap pit stick with a Dolce & Gabbana cologne anyway?
  9. Aftershave is a thing of the past. It’s not good for your skin. Don’t bother unless you really enjoy the burning sensation.
  10. Pulse points are as much as sham as the spray-n-walk. If you don’t know what that is, keep it that way.

Flipping through the most recent issue of GQ, I saw a lot of important tips to keep in mind this fall.

The Perfect Slim Fit Shirt:

  1. Does it have high armholes?
  2. Does the sleeve length hit the heel of your hand?
  3. Does the shirt blouse over your waist when tucked? Not only should it not blouse over, but you should be tucking them in anyways.

Business Casual Style Tips for the Modern Man:

  • Lose the crewneck undershirts. If the sweat is getting out of control, at least wear a v-neck. Compare it to professional basketball players who wear oversized t-shirts under their jerseys. Just don’t.
  • Square toed shoes need to go. Typically if you don’t want your pants wide, why would you want your shoes to be too? Slim it up.
  • No need to showcase whether you’re a Blackberry or an iPhone fan boy – keep it off the belt and into your pocket.
  • Pleated is debatable in the fashion world, however pleated + baggy makes you flabby and outdated.
  • Tailor your jackets, it works wonders for showcasing your body. Navy is a must.
  • Slim cut both your shirts and your pants, your silhouette will look much leaner.
  • Looking to mix things up? Toss a sweater over top your shirt this fall. Just make sure it’s not grandma sized and v-necked.
  • Even better, go for a cardigan. It’s true – worn incorrectly can make you look older than you are, so make sure the armholes are high. Go with grey, it goes with everything.