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Celebrity Style Makeover

September 9, 2014

We love celebrities and quite possibly the only thing we love more than them is what they wear. Celebrity style has been a phenomenon in the women’s market for decades and is an obvious trend that is transitioning towards men. North American men have finally started taking a vested interest in the way they dress a trend that can be attributed to one single fact, the male celebrities they admire.

With the Toronto Film Festival in full swing, celebrity sightings have become common place. From Bill Murray joyriding about town on his bicycle to Adam Sandler grabbing a bite at the Thompson Dinner, A-list celebrities are everywhere and so are the paparazzi that stalk them.

With candid celebrity street style photos popping up daily we thought it would be interesting to approach the topic of style from the other side. We reached out to some of our in-house style experts to pick a celebrity they love and then an outfit that they’d love to style them in. From Denzel Washington to Chris Evans, here’s what they came up with.


Style Tips

Vanity Fair just released their Best Dressed list for 2013 and after perusing the contenders here are the people we picked as our top 5. Not only are these gentlemen at the top of their game in their respective industry they are also paving the way for a new generation of stylist me. As we do with all our “Runway To Reality” series we’ve together a cool editorial to show you how you can get some of these great celebrity looks at Gotstyle.


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