Celeb Style: Kayne West

December 31, 2011

Is there any guy who does modern American fashion as well as Kanye West?

Last week, we saw Sergio Pizzorno use style to express his creativity. This week, Kanye uses style to express his attitude by wearing fur, leather, bright colours, and stand-out trends to garner attention and show his confidence.

If nothing, every man can learn one important lesson from Kayne: fusion. Mix trendy leather pants with a classic fur coat. And why can’t you wear tuxedo jackets with high tops? Kanye does a great job of combining urban youthful pieces with luxury. The result is youthful, cool, and confident.

Ease into a Kanye-inspired look with some edgy eyewear like these Michael Kors eyeglasses.

In his own words, he says to “dress like you’re coming from somewhere, and you’ve got some place to go.” So tonight, when you’re getting ready for New Year’s Eve, keep this in mind.

His keen personal style has led him to a shoe collaboration with Louis Vuitton, eyewear collection with Ksubi, and an accessory collaboration with M/M Paris.

Dressing like ‘Nye requires confidence and self-assuredness. If you’ve got those, then all you need to do is dress with fusion and attitude.

 For formal events, he generally keeps it traditional with a Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo and bow tie. Of course, the gold safety pin adds a touch of attitude and quirkiness to the look.