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How To Layer Up For Fall

September 19, 2013

Fall is all about layering and as we observe year after year many guys still have trouble in this department. Getting an outfit to look right when layering is a skill, which is why Gotstyle founder, Melissa Austria sets out some quick tips and rules to help you look great this fall.


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Warmer days are fast approaching, which means that there are going to be days where wearing a parka is going to be too hot and consequently wearing a sweater or sportcoat isn’t going to be enough. That’s why owning a great tansitional outerwear piece is a necessity. With these options from Strellson, you will be warm and look good at the same time.

Coat: Strellson $348, Blazer: Gsus $305, T-Shirt: Gsus $65, Trousers: Gsus $159

Here is a great example of layering. One of the key features of owning a transitional outerwear piece is that you still have the ability to layer for the colder days, and take away layers for those slightly warmer ones. In this look we took this 4 pocket field jacket from Strellson and matched it with a printed Tee, tailored twill blazer and pants from Gsus. Creating a sophisticated look, without all the bulk.

Coat: Strellson $348, T-Shirt: Zanerobe $60, Chino: Vito $98

This next outfit is great because it offers all the refinements of a blazer while still allowing you create variations from your existing wardrobe. As we mentioned, you have the options to layer this outfit or as shown, wear it with a nice tee from Zanerobe and classic chino’s by Vito. Keeping it casual isn’t always a bad thing when done right. As we say sometimes less is more.

Trench Coat: Strellson $298, Shirt: Stone Rose $158, Chino: Vito $88

Looking to add some variation to your casual fridays? Check out this lined trenchcoat by Strellson. It has a great length for those taller guys and comes lined, which is something to consider when purchasing any transitional outerwear piece. Throw in a bold check shirt by Stone Rose and some nice blue twill pants from Vito and you’ll be ready to take on Spring with confidence and style!

Blazers are a necessary staple for every mans wardrobe. Yet, very few men know how to really rock a blazer or sport coat. We are here to definitively inform you that wearing your office suit jacket as a sport coat is simply unacceptable and should never be attempted. Now, that we’ve gotten that simple formality out of the way we can talk about some of the great blazers/sport coats we just received for Spring.

Blazer: Howe $199, T-shirt: Plain Jane Homme $65, Chino: Strellson $168

This season offers some great options for every type of guy, from minimalist or the life of the party, we’ve got you covered. Take for example, this grey layered hoodie knit blazer from Howe. The fact that it feels like your favourite sweat shirt but looks like a well tailored jacket makes it the next best thing to your pajama’s. We matched it with a classic tee from Plain Jane Homme and a pair of red chinos from Strellson. A great look for a casual afternoon out on the town.


Blazer: Gsus $305, T-Shirt: Gsus $65, Chino: Vito $88

Next up, we have this simple but classic twill blazer from Gsus. The navy blue colour puts you right on trend for Spring and the built in pocket square ads a great touch to your over all look. Paired that with a nice printed tee from Gsus and bold pair of cayenne coloured pants from Vito almost guarantees to garner all the “right” type of attention. You’re welcome!

Blazer: Moods Of Norway $495, Shirt: Gsus $159, Pants: Vito $88

Last but not least, we introduce to you this stunning plaid sportcoat by Moods of Norway. This is definitely for the gentleman of the group. The plaid pattern give this outfit a timeless heritage look, making it great option for evenings and semi formal outings. To keep the outfit young and fresh we matched the sportcoat with this cool shirt from Gsus with contrast collars. With the design of the shirt you really don’t need to worry about wearing a tie or bow tie.


Let’s face it: Bradley Cooper has never been know for his style, but since the growing popularity of his Oscar nominated movie Silver Linings Playbook, the actor has stepped up his game. This was him on the red carpet at the 2013 Sag Awards, where he wore a classic navy blue, black shawl collar satin lapel tux by Tom Ford. He paired this with a black bow tie and black patent leather shoes.

Now, we dont know the exact price of this suit, but suffice it to say given that it is Tom Ford you know you’ll be paying upwards of $3,000, for the suit alone! Luckily, you have us and it wouldn’t be runway to reality if we couldn’t offer you something stunningly comparable. Check out this tailored navy blue tux from SAND ($1250), paired with a crisp white Caliban shirt ($175), Dion black bow-tie ($94), and Luca Vero patent leather shoes ($250).