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New Arrivals

Lipson shirtmakers are truly the masters of their craft, a legacy affirmed in their 30 years Canadian history and embedded in the visible craftsmanship in their shirts. Given that Lipson is Canada’s oldest and most respected shirting company it only made sense to work with them directly to produce our exclusive Gotstyle private label shirts. These shirts hold several key features that are unique to Gotstyle. For starters Founder, Melissa Austria has personally spent the better part of the last 7 years perfecting/tweaking the fit and style of these shirts. She hand-picks every aspect from the fabrics, prints, collars, cuffs, even the buttons, ensuring that our customers get the best every season.

Aside from the frills and fancies, what makes our shirts unique is the fit. Most shirts today come in what we called a graduated scale, which essentially means that the sleeve/body proportions increase equally with the neck size. The bigger the neck the bigger the body proportions. If you are tall and slender or have an athletic body, this type of “scaling” doesn’t necessarily work. Which is why our Gotstyle shirts are cut in a manner that they maintain their modern silhouette even when you get to larger neck sizes. We clearly want you looking great no matter your size. In addition, with most in-market brands only offering a 33/35 inch sleeve length there isn’t much option for those guys with the really long arms. Fortunately for you all our Gotstyle shirts also come in a “Tall” options that offers a 37 inch sleeve length!

Check out these great new arrivals and start planning that Spring wardrobe.


Staff Picks

For our January edition of Staff Picks, we reached out to our in-house stylists to pull together some of their favourite outfits from our amazing Winter Sale. With up to 70% off nearly the entire store, it wasn’t hard for them to muster up some great winter looks. Taking you from casual, social to formal wear,  Max, Nicole & Charlotte have got all your style needs covered at unbeatable prices.


AVAILABLE AT: The Menswear Store, Distillery, Online
Style Tips

How To Wear Flannel

November 7, 2013

Let’s start of by setting the record straight, “flannel” is a fabric not a pattern. Often times people mistakenly reference flannel to mean any shirt with a plaid or tartan pattern, which is incorrect. Flannel is a soft woven fabric, of various fineness and was originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn, but is now often made from either wool, cotton, or synthetic fibre.

With all the semantics aside we can now talk about other uses of flannel outside of the typical lumberjack persona. The flannel fabric is truly a very versatile garment and with the various twills, patterns and colours available today you can quite literally wear it in any social setting, assuming it’s styled appropriately. To prove this point we’ve put together 3 outfits illustrating 3 common social environments, casual, social and formal to help you think outside of the “style” box. 


AVAILABLE AT: The Menswear Store, Distillery
In March, Global Ambassador Maurice Hennessy hosted a private dinner for 2 dozen of Toronto’s most successful and influential businessmen
Guests were treated to a gourmet lobster dinner, specialty Hennessy XO cocktails, live jazz by Erol Fisher, cigar lounge by Mombacho and a Gotstyle bespoke shirt fitting by Melissa, Daria and Konstantine.
 We were honoured to be involved in this exclusive event; many thanks to the Hennessy team for putting together an unforgettable evening.

Colour is the name of the game this summer and we’ve got just the styles for you. We’ve never understood why men have been afraid of colour which is why we’ve put together these great combination to prove by example that real men can wear colour and wear it well.

One of the biggest trends that we’re focusing on this summer are the colourful shorts. These options by VITO are made from a great cotton twill and are ideal for the warm weather. The vast options in colour also allows the wearer to truly diversify his wardrobe to meet his needs. Wear them brogues or sneakers, collared shirts or polos the choices for mixing and matching are truly endless.

Vito Cotton Twill Shorts: $68
Franco Negretti Print Shirt: $168
Strellson Skinny Leather Belt: $148
Walk-Over Derby 100 Oxford Shoe: $320 Shop Now

Ted Baker Floral Print Shirt: $188
Vito Cotton Twill Shorts: $68
Strellson Skinny Suede Belt: $108
New Balance Retro Sneaker: $90

Vito Anchor Embroidery Short: $78 Shop Now
Strellson Skinny Leather Belt: $148 Shop Now
Ted Baker Oxford Shirt: $178
Blue Industry Half Lined Jersey Sport Coat: $295 Shop Now
New Balance Retro Sneaker: $90

Vito Cotton Twill Shorts: $68
Ted Baker Flamingo Embroidered Polo: $135
No Brand Wilson Brogue Shoe: $248
Monte & Coe Savile Duffle Bag: $429

Vito Anchor Embroidered Shorts: $78
Strellson Skinny Leather Belt: $148
Franco Negretti Bold Print Shirt: $168
Walk-Over Chase Suede Shoe: $345 Shop Now
Monte & Coe Duffle Bag: $429

Vito Cotton Twill Shorts: $68
Ted Baker Amalafi Coast Print Shirt: $155
Luigi Sardo Classic Canvas Low Cut Shoe: $60
Luigi Sardo Urban Gentlemen’s Leather Bag: $500

Shop the brands:
Blue Industry, Ted Baker, Walk Over, Strellson, Vito

We obviously love the products/brands we carry, but nothing trumps the feeling we get when other people love them just as much as us. Anderson’s Belts, Blue Industry and Walk-Over shoes are all recent additions to our stores. We introduced these brands because they align so well with our Gotstyle guys needs. Each one offers high-quality craftsmanship with a modern twist. So when Canada’s leading men’s magazine Sharp Book For Men decided to feature all three brands in their latest issue, we were ecstatic!

Featured in their Style Manual for Spring/Summer 2013, you can catch our belts from Anderson’s, our brushed cotton polkadot shirt by Blue Industry and last but not least, some great words of wisdom from Walk-Over General Manager James Rowley.

Shop the brands:
Blue Industry, Walk Over, Ted Baker, Happy Socks